On the Road Again: Road Trip Checklist

The June holidays are around the corner and it is time to plan your next road trip. Every road trip needs a checklist to ensure the holiday is “one for the books”.

Besides the usual check lists items like your driver’s licence and car registration, there are a few other items you simply cannot afford to leave behind.

5 items on your road trip checklist you can’t afford to forget

1.      Spare tyre

Yes, it may seem obvious, but remember that one time your tyre had a puncture and you were changing your tyre in the pelting rain? Did you replace or fix the damaged tyre?  Nine times out of ten, you just carried on with your daily commuting without thinking that you might ‘run a flat’ and become stranded – again.

2.      Jumper cables

It’s the one thing that can save you when it’s the dead of night and you have annoyingly left your lights on while having dinner or exploring a new spot. Jumper cables are essential in anyone’s car. Ensure that you have a pair of jumper cables that are in good working condition and are stored safely in the boot.

3.      Photo-spots and stopovers

It’s a great idea to have a loose itinerary of what you plan to do along your journey. Remember, it is not only about getting to your destination; it’s about the journey as well. Are you on your road trip? Your holiday has already begun!

4.      Snacks

While stop-overs are fun (and you should be stopping at least once or twice to rest) they can also be time-consuming, especially if all you really want is a snack to nibble on to keep the hungers pangs at bay. Make sure that you pack a variety of healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts and sandwiches that will keep you full for extended periods of time.

5.      Games for the kids

Road trips can be filled with excitement for the kids with the scenery whipping past in a blur of green, blue and yellow. But after a while, it can get old, fast. To avoid squabbles, hair-pulling, shrieking and moaning, pack at least two or three games for the kids to play with. This will keep them entertained and affords the adults time to relax for at least a little while.

6.      A great playlist

Music can be a game-changer on a particularly long road trip and in fact, any road trip definitely requires music. Make sure that everyone plans a playlist before the trip. This will again prevent squabbles and mad dashes to skip to the next song. A playlist keeps you entertained, awake when you feel yourself falling asleep at the wheel, and most importantly, slides into your memory bank as “that one time, when we took a road trip to … it was incredible”.

7.      Lastly, charging cables

In this technological world, it is probably a wise idea to bring charging cables for your phone and other devices. We rely heavily on our phones for navigation, communication and even snapping a few holiday pics along the way. Make sure that it is fully charged at all times. It can be your lifeline when you are stranded out in a remote area with nothing around you but the ‘big ol’ blue’ and tumbleweeds.

Travel safe!

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