CallConnect can connect you to customers “in under 60 seconds”

Brian Joss – Effective sales lead management can make or break a dealership. Call centres and dealer sales floors will benefit greatly from implementing fully integrated lead management software or e-LMS.

Not only can the CMS e-LMS software track electronic leads received from websites, social media, third party portals, advertising campaigns and other platforms, but it also has the ability to pre-qualify the potential lead before allocating it to a dealer.

Essentially, a potential customer can log an electronic query and be connected telephonically to a salesperson in less than a minute.

If the dealer opts to use the new CallConnect product on offer from CMS, the e-LMS will receive the lead and automatically allocate it, to the sales executive. The sales executive will receive a call on their cell phone and be connected to the prospective customer. If the sales executive is busy or chooses not to connect with the prospect, the e-LMS will automatically reallocate the enquiry to the next sales executive. The advantage of this system is that the manager can see how many calls were taken, missed and even listen to those calls for training purposes.

Even after-hour leads are taken care of. They can be queued for a call the next morning – and the calls automatically made. Customers are delighted and sales are made.

E-LMS also runs call centres allowing high volume situations such as, retail groups, vehicle manufacturers and importers to centralise all the leads.

From that call centre,  through a seamless integration with CMS salescloud, leads can go to various branches. All information is stored and a wide range of reports are available.

e-LMS integrates with the flagship product – CMS salescloud. CMS salescloud is an all in one stock management and CRM system for dealer floors.

In all scenarios sketched, lead allocation can be tracked centrally and is date and time stamped, providing an accurate record of the actions of the sales representative from receipt of the lead to the potential closing of the sale. The result is fewer potential sales lost because of a failure on dealer level to act on leads.

“The beauty of the software is that it is fully customisable in accordance with manufacturer or dealer guidelines and the business processes of our clients,” says Leon Kemp from CMS. “It also provides valuable information that includes deal status, outcome referral source and more, ensuring effective electronic prospect management.”

The e-LMS undergoes constant updating and enhancements as suggested by the active dealers. The current dealer floor total, combined with multi brand dealer floors, totals several hundred as well as several OEMs.

CMS Netauto has various other product and service tricks up its sleeve, including Paperless On Boarding of new employees, making it effortless and effective, across all platforms with paperless submissions to relevant company schemes, such as Pension funds and Medical Aids. One capture, multiple integrations, stored in the cloud, safe and secure.  “Our develop ers, support staff and management all understand the intricacies of the automotive industry and are committed to addressing customer-specific needs and ensuring a competitive edge,” Kemp concludes.

CMS is a member of the C2 group that is specifically focusing on motor dealers.

Email Leon Kemp: or visit: for more info.

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