Your personal information is already out there and may be at risk

Protect your identity with ThisIsMe’s FutureProtect.

South Africa’s premier identity verification service, ThisIsMe, has announced the launch of its new consumer product, FutureProtect.  With FutureProtect’s free Identity Alerts, Credit Monitoring and Insurance options, consumers can sleep easy knowing that their identity and future is protected.

Data breaches have become the new normal – so much so that there’s a more than 90% chance that your personal identity information has already been stolen. Whilst there’s no denying that technology makes life easier, the reality is that with new advances come new dangers.

In a world where so many sites hold personal information, not being safe can be a dangerous and costly problem. Company websites containing private and sensitive data get hacked often, and hackers can use stolen information to open new lines of credit.

“Imagine a large loan being granted in your name without your knowledge – that’s something you will have to pay for,” says David Thomas, co-founder of ThisIsMe, “Imagine your bank account being drained until nothing is left, think of the effect that can have on you and your family.  Even if you don’t lose money by being hacked, you lose your privacy and put those closest to you at risk.”

FutureProtect offers protection from identity theft. Subscribers will receive the benefits of free data breach and credit alerts that notify them every time their sensitive information is being accessed or changed.

To find out more, or get started for free, visit

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