Cutting on security expenses during tough economic times

With the price of petrol again increasing this month, South Africans are understandably looking for ways to cut costs. A private security company warned however that cutting on essentials such as home security would not be an ideal option to consider during these tough economic times.

“Of course we’re all trying to save money,” says Agnieszka Gryn ,Regional Executive at Fidelity ADT. “There is a big difference between cutting on luxuries and cutting on necessities. I would strongly recommend against neglecting the safety and security of your loved ones. If you are looking around for other cheaper options, make sure you do your research properly. In this sector, cheaper is not always better.”

It is important to be sure that the private security service provider you intend to appoint is reputable and has the right credentials before placing your trust in them, says Gryn. “It is also always important to make sure you have an effective perimeter security system in place, to help keep criminals off your property. Sensor-activated outdoor lights and palisade fencing are useful measures to consider.”

Asking the right questions will go a long way to ensuring your peace of mind, such as what is the company’s standing with the industry’s regulatory bodies [Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority], how many patrol vehicles will service the area, do their officers have formal training, are they qualified, and are there sufficient safety measures in place such as armour plated vehicles and kevlar helmets and vests for armed response staff?

“You can also ask a provider to do an audit of your existing security measures, so that you know where the gaps are. If you ask the right questions and do your homework today, you should be able to sleep assured tonight that you have appointed the best company to come to your aid in an emergency,” Gryn added.

Your neighbours are often the first people to see if something is wrong at your home, which makes them the ideal partners in the fight against crime.

“Become involved with their local community safety groups as these voluntary organisations have time-and-again been proven to make a positive difference,” says Gryn.

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