True Price should be “your first port of call” if you want to buy or sell your wheels

Brian Joss – South Africans have been overwhelmed by the number of companies offering to buy or sell their cars of late.

Hardly a month passes by without a new service provider popping up. While this is good news for motorists, it can result in confusion. After all, if you’re buying or selling your car, what is a fair and market-related value?

Enter True Price – the innovative company which can give the motorist an accurate purchase or sales price . for free.

The company was founded by Darryl Jacobson, a veteran in the motor industry.

“Over the years, I have been asked for vehicle values thousands of times.

Hence the formation of True Price. We believe that this service – provided free of charge to members of the public – is long overdue,” he comments.

Jacobson believes that the timing of the launch of True Price could not be better. “With all the new companies offering to buy or sell cars, there is a lot of confusion out there amongst motorists. They don’t know which service provider to use – because there are now so many, offering anything and everything from cash for your car to a sale within 45 minutes, paperwork included. We would not dare to tell motorists which service provider to use

– but we can tell them exactly what their car should sell for, or exactly what they should be paying for a car,” he explains.

Jacobson bases his valuations on actual prices paid on auction. “A vehicle evaluation is always a controversial thing. Someone selling their car typically thinks that the value is too low. Someone buying a car will always thing that the valuation is too high. There is a middle ground in between the two though – and that is the price paid on auction. These are actual prices paid – so one cannot argue about them. A fact is a fact!” he points out.

It is quick, effortless and free to use True Price. Motorists just need to go to and specify which vehicle they want to sell or buy. Then the team of experts will respond, with a market-related, current and realistic value.

Jacobson believes that this service can go a long way towards making motorists’ lives much easier. “We have absolutely nothing to gain by providing a valuation that is too high or too low. We give honest, impartial and reliable valuations,” he points out.

As such, he says that True Price should be the motorist’s first port of call when buying or selling a car. “Once you have an accurate evaluation, the motorists will then be able to proceed to the second step, namely selecting a service provider. It sounds corny to say that knowledge is power but, in this case, it is most definitely true. And our team will provide the motorist with that knowledge – for free!” Jacobson concludes.

CAPTION: Darryl Jacobson: consumers overwhelmed by choice. Picture: Motorpress

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