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Angostura adds an insightful new tech tool to the mixology landscape, for first-timers and full-timers alike.

Have you ever considered what technology is used to make the perfect cocktail in the digital age? It’s not something that those outside of the industry would ever really think about… surely all you need is a tot measurement, right?! Well, that’s not so. From Instagram to lab-like equipment, there are many tools that mixologists can turn to in order to create the perfect serve.

There is a new trend growing in the mixology sphere – experiential kitchens pushing boundaries with weird and wonderful creations streaming out of their modern laboratory-like kitchens made with such equipment as ultrasound machines, sonic mixers, centrifuges and rotary evaporator distillers (rotovaps); all proven in making drinks crisper and creamier, enhancing flavour intensities and creating new flavour combinations.

But for the most part you’ll find that the typical mixologist only relies on a few tried and tested tools to devise their artistic makings and for the rest they use age old methods that have stood the test of time. Owen O’Reilly, owner of SIP Exclusive agrees: “Most cocktail making tech has been around for quite some time and mixologists who have a more artistic approach to cocktails revert to older methods. However, we wouldn’t know about these older methods if we didn’t have the information at our fingertips by being able to access material quickly and easily with the likes of Google and social media.”

In fact, many mixology technologies besides the usual array of muddlers, shakers and jiggers have been repurposed from the foodie world. Owner of Copper Monkey and SA national winner of the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge 2018, George Hunter says: “The digital thermometer, sous vide, dehydrator, induction hob, cream gun and soda siphon have all been used by mixologists for years with techniques specified to a required result.”

“I personally use social media, either to find inspiration or share the cocktails I’m creating. Some places are using Augmented Reality Apps to ‘bring their cocktails to life’ but this is still a growing trend.”, continues Hunter.

Clyde Ackerman, Managing Director of Thirst Bar Services also gives a nod to social media: “Sure, we still use cocktail books, but Instagram has plenty of cool, inspiring recipes that can assist in creating new ideas. It allows us to keep tabs on trends from across the world, create connections with other mixology professionals and to learn from international experts.”

Even for the amateur home mixologist there are techy tools and apps to make cocktail creations at home a breeze – the pocket aerator will create tiny air bubbles and infuse oxygen into a drink in a matter of seconds. The cocktail smoking box will add the smokey flavours of hickory, apple and dried herbs to any drink. The Smart Scale weighs every ingredient as you add ingredients and can rejig recipes should anything go awry. It can even suggest cocktail recipes based on the ingredients you have on hand.

And now, the perfect technological addition to the cocktail world for first-time and full-time mixologists, the official House of Angostura Cocktail App; featuring over eighty tried and tested cocktail recipes, featured drink trends and bartending tips, search for cocktails by ingredient and save a list of your favourite recipes to revisit. And if you don’t know much about the House of Angostura beyond Angostura aromatic bitters, discover all the goods from Amaro to rums.

To download the official House of Angostura Cocktail app visit – available for iPhone from the Apple App Store and for Android devices from the Google Play Store.

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