Stellar Judo at the South African Judo Championships

Stellar Foundation believes in the benefits of sport, especially for young children. That is why they run a project called Stellar Judo which gives the children of their employees a chance to learn the art of judo and to belong to a greater community of people practicing this sport.

The Stellar Judo team recently took part in the South African Judo Championship which took place in Port Elizabeth. For some of the children, it was the first time they had travelled so far out of their home in Vredendal.

The team performed marvelously at the championships! Owen Palm, an employee at Stellar Winery and the coach of the Stellar Judo team, won a gold medal himself in the Masters section at this competition and two of the children who competed, Nicole Farao and Juanita van Wyk, won gold medals. Chanea Boks won a silver medal. Chanea, Nicole Farao, Tesmonia Joseph, Anlow Claassen, Graham Sauls, Duran Farao, Shaniqwa Yman en Ambrochia Dauge took part in team fights as part of the West Coast team, and all won silver medals for this. Two other team members walked away with silver medals.

Palm described the impact that Stellar Judo makes in the children’s lives as far-reaching. It teaches them discipline and gives them a sense of pride when they participate in club activities or when they train. It also literally opens up their worlds by giving them the experience of seeing places that they usually would not be able to see.

The Stellar Foundation made this trip possible with the generous help of international distributors EI Wines, Norex in Finland, and Wine World Sweden.

If your business would like to become involved in projects like this, they can simply visit the Stellar Foundation’s website at to easily make a huge difference in someone’s life.

You can also follow Stellar Foundation on Facebook (@stellarfound), Twitter (@stellarfound) and Instagram (@stellar_foundation) to stay up-to-date with the latest news.

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