Book Review: The Baby Brother Curse

Words: Michelle Sacks; illustrations: Carla Kreuser Bumble Books

Review: Brian Joss

The title , The Baby Brother Curse, didn’t appeal to me at all. When Boo heard the news she was going to have a baby brother it filled with her despair. She imagined all sorts of horrible things: she worried that her parents wouldn’t have room in their hearts for her; that like all boys he would be “icky and yucky and silly and rude”. And as the months went by and her mother’s tummy grew bigger and bigger, she began to imagine that he was already plotting mischief. Finally the big day arrived and Boo’s dad took her to visit her baby brother. There she got a big surprise and decided that she wasn’t so unlucky after all.

The book is for children who need reassurance about the new arrivals.

Kreuser’s illustrations are charming. The book is available in Afrikaans as Die Bababoetie Gedoente which is a much better title than The Baby Brother Curse.

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