Len Muller and his wife writes beautiful love song!

“Ek het jou geken voor ons ontmoet het. Die kleur van jou oë die klank van jou lag. Jy het my geken met al my letsels, maar ek was genoeg vir jou en jy ook vir my,” are lyrics taken from singer and songwriter, Len Muller’s, latest single, STERREWALS.

“It is a nostalgic love ballad, written from an old man’s perspective who is reflecting back on his life. Dreams do not always come true, especially if you are not constantly working towards your goal, and I believe that this song wants to challenge listeners to live with purpose and to not allow time to merely pass them by,” explains the musician. “I think the track has a beautiful message, because the couple promises that although things do not always work out as planned, they will still be enough for each other.”  

STERREWALS is the latest release from his second studio album, Oog Van Die Storm, which can be described as Afrikaans Acoustic and combines the sounds of all the musician’s favourite instruments, including the banjo, harmonica, cello and acoustic guitar.

This album has already delivered numerous radio and television hits, including the feel good song, Ek Glo, that topped the charts of various radio stations for several weeks. The music video was an instant hit and is regularly featured on TV. Sing vir Sente, the second song he wrote with Faraway George, was released in June 2017 and can still be heard on the radio.

Vrede, released in March 2018, is also the theme song of the popular kykNET sitcom, Mense Mense. The music video was filmed on the rooftop of MultiChoice City. It is an upbeat contemporary track in Len’s distinctive style and was written in collaboration with Roan van As and Raldo Mattheus. Although the lyrics are deep and meaningful, the song has a light-hearted approach with a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head and invites you to sing along.

Len’s debut album, Doodgewone Avontuur, was released in 2015 and officially launched his career in the South African Music Industry. This masterpiece also got him nominated for various Ghoema- and Tempo Awards, including Male Artist of the Year and Newcomer of the Year. Since then he has managed to conquer the hearts of many Afrikaans music lovers and is best-known for his duet, Vir Die Een Wat Geval Het, with Joshua na die Reën, as well as Smag na Jou, which was included on the soundtrack of the romantic comedy, Strikdas.

Over the past few years, Len Muller has shared the stage with some of South Africa’s biggest stars, including Jan Blohm, Bok van Blerk, Dans Dans Lisa, Chris Chameleon, Jak de Priester, Francois van Coke, Andriëtte Norman, Dan Patlansky, Matthew Mole and Kaleidoskoop. He has also performed with Afrikaans Akoesties and at all the big music festivals across the country.

STERREWALS perfectly showcases the uniqueness of Len Muller’s soothing storyteller’s voice and promises to conquer the hearts of music lovers across the country and satisfy the most critical ear. 


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Web: www.lenmuller.co.za

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