When last have you all been to NomNom Eateries?

This dynamic little eatery has not spent a single day being complacent or taking its already scrumptious menu for granted. Chef Sebastian Smith and his team stay innovative and creative enough to allure new and existing patrons to come and enjoy new taste sensations.

The Pork Cloud is becoming a crackling favorite. It might be a little messy and noisy affair as people are encouraged to break it by hand so we suggest you settle in the Wine Bar upstairs, order a bottle of Pinot Noir 2015 and dig in! Regular patrons might remember the pork scratchings. Well, this one is a one piece wonder. For this pork cloud to arrive at your table in all its dramatic flair, the pork skin had to be dehydrated for 32 hours before being fried in a big, shallow pot to puff out into a cloud. It is then dollied up with dots that burst with flavor.  The smoked raison gel adds sweetness, the spicy aioli with smoked paprika adds the kick with a creamy texture, the cider onion gel adds an umami touch and the seasonal beetroot gel rounds it up with a tangy flavor to balance the richness.  It is then theatrically sprinkled with biltong dust, Togarashi spice and garnished with micro herbs

The pastry counter the newest addition to Nom Nom has masterfully created sweets that are an absolute treat amongst many other adjectives. These are freshly baked, handcrafted pastries that are available daily to take away or enjoy at the eatery alongside a freshly brewed cup of tea or coffee.

A significant favorite amongst our patrons has been the Pasteis de nata’s which is a Portuguese custard tart infused with delicious flavors, second to that is our killer glazed éclair that has a slight twist on flavor. Head chef, Sebastian Smith says;

“Making freshly baked pastries has always been my fortè. I thoroughly enjoy baking. There is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning, however playing with chocolate is always fun too!”

Nom Nom Eateries is the only patisserie in town to showcase the current international trend of Mirror glazes and Chef Sebastian recommends anyone who might find themselves on the Somerset West route to pop in and give our pastries a try. 

About Nom Nom Eateries

Nom Nom is an everyday eatery, offering a quirky and colourful atmosphere. The modern menu entices guests to create their own experience, ordering everything from snacks to small plates and casual meals. Also known for his formidable cakes, Chef Sebastian Smith’s creations will not seize to impress. Nom Nom also houses its own vinoteque and upstairs wine bar where guests can enjoy different wine tastings, cocktail hour and trivia.

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