Klawer Wine’s handy Vino Sacci a necessity for summer

Summer is almost here and the flowers bloomed beautifully in the Matzikama area where the delicious Klawer Wine range are made. One of the wines in the Klawer Wine range – Vino Sacci – is a definite must try as the summer days get longer and the cooler nights shorter.

“A large amount of tourists come to visit our beautiful West Coast and the Klawer Wine Cellar, and usually, people don’t want to travel with wine bottles. It makes a noise in the car, takes up too much space and is a hassle when you want to enjoy only one or two glasses of wine. I suggest these travellers should buy our Vino Sacci’s,” says Franci Nortje, tasting specialist and PRO at the Klawer Wine Cellar.

This range come in two wine varieties – the Klawer Wines Chenin Blanc and the delicious Klawer Wines Merlot. Each bag contains 375 ml of wine and is designed with a handy screw cap to pour the wine on the go or enjoy it right out of the bag.

Not only has Klawer Wines designed this bag specially for travellers or those planning a adventurous weekend getaway. One of the great things about this packaging is that it cools quickly and ensures a lovely ice-cold glass of wine in a jiffy.

The Merlot Vino Sacci can also be enjoyed at room temperature with a delicious South African braai meat dish. The Chenin Blanc is delicious when enjoyed ice cold. If you have butterfingers, don’t fear! The Vino Sacci won’t break like a normal wine bottle. If you don’t like to waste a whole bottle of wine when you only want to enjoy one or two glasses of wine, the Vino Sacci is just perfect. Travellers can pop this bag into the caravan’s mini fridge and it will be ice cold in no time. We hope you visit the Klawer Wine Cellar soon to buy a few Vino Sacci bags for only R20 per bag. 

A visitor from the United Kingdom popped in at the cellar recently and said: “The cost of the wine is worth the visit alone. So affordable, especially the divine Vino Sacci’s. They have a good set-up. The estate is worth a look as well.”

The wine in this Vino Sacci bags are made with care to ensure that clients enjoy each drop and come back for more. The Merlot is described by the winemakers as: “A well balanced body and some ripe fruit taste in the wine, as well as touches of warm spice with a mint and dusty earth undertone.”

The Chenin Blanc on the other hand is a fresh, crispy wine with tropical aromas and a complex aftertaste. This gives all wines lovers even more reason to enjoy one of these unique Vino Sacci’s.

One has no other choice than to visit the cellar on your next weekend trip to taste and buy some of these wines. The friendly staff will welcome you with open arms. 

With the majestic Matzikama Mountains in the east and the Olifants River in the west, Klawer offers visitors, tranquil countryside, lush lawns, magnificent fields of wildflowers and excellent West Coast hospitality.

If you want to taste a drop of South African Matzikama sunshine in a bottle or the divine Vino Sacci’s, you can send your order to ontvangs@klawerwyn.co.za and be amazed by the fantastic taste of Klawer Wines. 

Klawer Wine Cellar offers a complimentary wine tasting at their tasting room located on the N7 Cape/Namibia route outside Klawer. They are open on weekdays from 08:00 till 17:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 till 13:00. For more information, visit Klawer Wine Cellar’s website www.klawerwine.co.za or take a look at their social media profiles on Facebook @KlawerWynkelder/KlawerWines, Twitter @klawerwyn or Instagram @klawerwyn. For wine sales, contact Franci Nortje at ontvangs@klawerwyn.co.za.

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