Writing exams fearlessly

If you had to listen to the conversations that are taking place about the upcoming Matric exams, you will find that they are most often rooted in FEAR.

“Learners, Parents and even Teachers experience moments of fear when they focus on what is needed to successfully navigate the challenges associated with exam preparation and the writing of each exam. Fear of not being sufficiently prepared, fear of not understanding all the work, fear of going ‘blank’ during the exam, fear of failure!” explains Cindy Glass, Director and Co-founder of Step Up Education Centres. She goes on to say “It is unquestionable that fear comes knocking at this time, but it is also essential that we understand that FEAR, given the opportunity, will slow us down and even stop us from achieving our goals in the exams.”

Cindy shares some practical tips to help tackle the upcoming Matric exams, fearlessly:

1. Know that you are capable and even though the task ahead may seem insurmountable, you have within you the power to make it work for you. Your power lies in your ability to start preparing for the exams TODAY. Do not look back at what you believe have been your failures in the past—focus only on doing what it takes to achieve the best that you can in the next few weeks.
2. Break your study schedule into bite-sized manageable pieces. Use a calendar to plan what you will focus on each day and tick off completed tasks. This will keep you focused, bit by bit, on crossing that finish line successfully.
3. Take some time for self-care. Get enough rest, choose to eat healthily, and get some exercise. This will keep you energised throughout the exam process.
4. Be mindful of the company that you keep- even on social media. Hang out with people who are positive-thinkers, determined and hard working. You can respectfully distance yourself from negative-thinking people without having to explain yourself. Fearful people will inevitably assist you in allowing fear into your own life. Choose to keep yourself motivated by keeping company with motivated people.
5. Do not allow yourself to believe in the impossibility of things! You can turn any challenges around by focusing on what you can achieve instead of what you believe you can not!
6. Work on past exam papers! Ask for help when you are unsure of something. Get to know that structures of exam papers and how the questions are asked. This will give you the confidence to write the exam!

Cindy concludes by reiterating “Know that FEAR will slow you down and even hurt your intentions of successfully completing the exams. When fear comes knocking at your door, do not let it in! Focus on the points above, take some deep breathes and you will see how fear loses interest and disappears! You can do this!”

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