Hessequa fires being mopped up

Garden Route District Fire 25/10/2018 19:30

Municipal Area: Hessequa

Location: Vermaaklikheid

Current situation:
Mopping-up operations are currently underway. Minor flare-ups throughout the day occurred – this was expected due to hot weather conditions.

At 17:00 a Recce flight took place and it was confirmed that all fire-lines looked safe and contained.

A 24-hour monitoring period started at 18:00 today. This involves the patrolling of the previously active fire-lines.

At 14:00 today, bombers completed aerial attacks in the Hessequa area. They then moved over to the George municipal area. A WoF chopper also moved to the George at around 17:00. The private helicopter of Cobus Crouse completed its duties at 18:00.

Hessequa team
15 WoF team members

A final briefing session by the Incident Commander will take place at 08:00 tomorrow morning. If all goes according to plan, the FCP at Vermaaklikheid will be dissolved after the morning briefing.

The GRDM team plans to move to the George area tomorrow.

We would once again like to thank all role players for their support. We would not have been able to contain this wildfire without all your support – be it donations, volunteering, reports and calls to assist us with responses. Many of the firefighters work more than 12 hours a day to contain fires – we must not forget the willpower, perseverance and selfless efforts of fire fighters who serve to protect our communities and the environment.

Garden Route District fires 2018/10/25 @ 16:30

There are fires in the following areas:

– Waboomskraal/Herold
– Geelhoutboom
– Syferfontein
– Heatherlands plantation
– Kleinkrantz

– Karatara

– De Rust

– Vermaaklikheid

Mossel Bay
– no fires

– no fires

– no fires


25/10 13:00

Confirmed that Montagu Pass is CLOSED for vehicles.

Outenuqua Pass remains open.

Garden Route District fire update 2018/10/25 @ 08:26

Municipal area: Hessequa

Area: Vermaaklikheid

The south east fire line at the property of Koos Malan, blombos road, has flared up.

Aerial resources consisting of a WoF huey, 2 bombers and a spotter aircraft have been deployed to assist ground crews in extinguishing this flare up.

Other resources will be mopping up the north east fire line. A bulldozer is being used to cut a fire break around some homes in Vermaaklikheid.

Weather forecast for today is at a maximum of 24°C with a predominant wind of SW 25km/h.

Resources consist of GRDM, WoF, Mossel Bay fire, Hessequa fire, SCFPA and local landowners.

Assistance with fire in Herold

2018/10/25 @ 08:00

A few of the Garden Route DM’s resources will be deployed to the Herold fire (on request of George Municipality).

The deployment will take place shortly after the sitrap to the Forward Control Point in Vermaaklikheid has taken place at 9am.

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