WESSA Eden Newsletter November 2018

Dear Friends of the Environment,

over the years it has been very interesting to receive feedback and impulses form others.

That is what networking is all about and this is evident in our Newsletters which bring much local information together on environmental topics.

WESSA Eden Newsletter November 2018

Impact of Litter Poster

Article by Prof Raymond Auerbach on water saving etc

I recently received this e-mail:-

Dear Christine, 

We are attaching a very lovely poster of Chirag Khanna, a young boy from Botswana, who would like to share it with people who care for the environment. He will very much appreciate it if you could assist to enhance the impact of the poster, by placing it in your newsletter or in any other way to spread the message.

Thank you for considering the proposal.

With kind regards,  Gerrie Smith

How can one say no!? There is a short biography of 11 year-old Chirag in the Newsletter and the Impact of Litter poster is attached – feel free to share widely!

And don’t forget to book for our “off the Grid” on-site visit to Prof Raymond Auerbach on Saturday 20 November.

As I start sending this Newsletter out, the fires are still burning in the Southern Cape. What can one say….

We commiserate with those who have incurred losses in the fires.

We offer our condolences to the family of Nico Heyns whose life was lost flying his helicopter whilst fighting the fires.

We thank those who are out there in blazing temperatures trying to contain the fires and protect homes, farms and livelihoods.

Keep safe, Christine

Christine Ridge-Schnaufer
Honorary Secretary
Tel: 044 873 4203 Fax: 086 646 5458
e-mail: wessageorge@isat.co.za

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