FAT bastard celebrates 21 years of LIVING large!

FAT bastard, the well-loved, delicious, full-bodied range of wines is celebrating 21 years of LIVING large and making memories with you.

“Much like a glass of FAT bastard wine, life should be filled to the brim and enjoyed in large, delicious gulps.” This is the voice of Mr. b. He’s gold, he’s grand and he’s celebrating 21 years of LIVING Large with FAT bastard wines.

WHY FAT bastard? When Thierry and Guy first created these delicious wines, they did it with gusto. They poured their hearts, souls and great dollops of generosity into every bottle. In fact, it was a great big discovery (in winemaking terms) that led to the name ‘FAT bastard.’ It comes from having left the wine on the lees for a lot longer than usual, which allowed it to develop more fully and completely. And when tasted, there was simply no other way to describe it other than: “Well, now that’s a FAT bastard!”

This tradition of creating full-bodied wines to be enjoyed with bellyfuls of laughs and good-natured cheer continues today 21 years later. Whether it’s a celebration, a kuier or a “COME ON OVER!”, there’s a FAT bastard (or two) waiting to be opened.

FAT bastard Range of Wines: The name might be fun, but the wine is serious. This high quality, fruit-driven, rich and round, food-friendly range of wines, with a delightful story behind its name, includes a Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Rosé, Merlot, Pinotage, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Golden Reserve Bordeaux-style red blend, and very soon, a Chenin Blanc.

You can’t miss the FAT bastard wines, all brightly adorned in living large colours to match the respective varietals. Strikingly visible, they are also widely available, retailing nationally between R75 and R85 (white wines) and between R110 and R120 (red wines).  

21 things that Mr. b loves about FAT bastard! 

  1. We have a hippo, yes, we do! It’s ME, a solid gold beautiful hippo!
  2. We LIVE large. The sky is not the limit…we are BIG and BOLD and GOLD and FUN!
  3. We have the best-selling Chardonnay in South Africa! It’s the wine, red-wine lovers who “hate” white wine, love, and the Chardonnay that Chardonnay “haters” love. It’s as subtle as a punch in the face, but it is fantastic quality, and everyone loves it.
  4. In 2017 we introduced our first blend to the pod – please meet FAT bastard The Golden Reserve…. We love adding bling…
  5. Each of our FAT bastard wines are vineyard selected = AMAZING quality.
  6. We offer ALL the wines you LOVE…talking Sauvignon…or Merlot or Pinotage…. We have the best ready for you…
  7. We win awards… so it is not just us saying we are awesome.
  8. We have a VIB club…the Very Important Bastards… a group of restaurants offering the best food and wine and we are right in the middle of all that.
  9. We’ve stood the test of time… 21 years of LIVING large and making memories with you.
  10. FOOD loves our wines… we can find a FAT bastard pairing for ANY food…
  11. We have a Rosé… perfect pink wine for all the lovers of pink out there…
  12. We have the best wine makers. Each of these wines tells the story of their passion and commitment to get the best grapes, to make the best wines so that you can enjoy and make the best memories.
  13. All the FAT bastard red wines age in a secret underground cellar. Seriously.
  14. All grapes used are hand-picked… only the best will do!
  15. We are adding to the pod! In September 2018 we are adding a beautiful new FAT bastard Chenin Blanc! Hip-hip-hooray!
  16. FAT bastard loves interesting pairings…talking cheese cake? Try it with our FAT bastard Chardonnay… and the list goes on!
  17. FAT bastard wines are available everywhere. We have great distribution…and if you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us and we’ll find it for you.
  18. We LOVE to party! Like all golden hippos do.
  19. Our full-bodied reds really are winters’ best friends! Bring the fire, bring the wine!
  20. You can experience our LIVE large life on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our website.
  21. We love that FAT bastard wines are great with food or without food. Your best friend for any occasion.

Website: http://www.fatbastardwine.co.za/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FATbastardWineSA/

Twitter: @FATbastardSA

Instagram: @FATbastardSA


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