Garden Route District JOC Fire Updates 2018/11/02

Garden Route District Municipality JOC Update 2018/11/02 @ 16:15

Schoonberg fire jumped the Knysna river to Dubbelberg plantation.

Kruisrivier is the trigger point for a possible evacuation of Sonskynvalley community.

An evacuation plan of a nearby community (Sonskyn Valley) is in place and will be coordinated by Buffelsnek Plantation management of people will take place. Nearly 300 people live in this area.

Flare-up in this area has occurred. Teams are on the ground trying to contain the fireline. Helicopter deployed to contain a spot on CapeNature property.

ACSA Cape town contained the fire in this area (15 000 litres per go)

Active fire in De Vlugt. 2 Bombers and 50 WoF firefighters on the scene. 2 GRDM Skid Units at the scene and 1 tanker. Aerial resources pulled back due poor visibility.

Geneva flare-up being attended to by George fire

Aggressive mopping-up operations underway.

Flare-ups have been occurring in the area. George fire department attending to these.

A fire line here is under control. 50 WoF firefighters deployed here.

Mopping up and attending to flare-ups. 80 WoF firefighters.

Mopping up operations underway. 19 WoF firefighters here.

Active fire – 1 GRDM Skid Unit here.

Media Release – urgent notice
Issued by CapeNature

02 November 2018


Due to the recent fires in the Garden Route, CapeNature is requesting that communities living adjacent to the burnt areas support the recovery of wildlife by monitoring the condition of species and to report any injured animals to CapeNature as soon as possible. It would be very helpful if the following information can be provided to CapeNature when an injured animal is found:

– Exact locality of where the injured animal has been found/spotted (GPS position if possible)

– Correct species identification (as far as possible)

– Brief description of the injuries to the animal

– If possible photographic evidence or video footage should be taken so that the correct information is made available to the Official for the most appropriate treatment.

Do not approach an injured animal or put yourself in any danger, the public can rather contact the CapeNature George Regional Office (044) 802 5300 for any wild animals found or the Outeniqua Nature Reserve on 087 087 4151 if animals are found inside Outeniqua Nature Reserve.

No feeding of wild animals

The residential areas that border the Outeniqua mountains have experienced human-wildlife conflict for many years (especially with baboons) and therefore CapeNature is not supportive of placing out feeding stations as this will enhance conflict situations in the future.

A habitat assessment will be undertaken to determine the availability of remaining habitat for wildlife as soon as the Garden Route District Disaster Management has given clearance to CapeNature to enter the burnt areas. At this stage the area is still ‘a no go zone’ due to areas still smouldering and deep hot ash.

Wild animals will naturally move to alternative habitat if there is available habitat, by feeding wild animals you are firstly keeping them from a natural evacuation of the area and secondly make them dependent on feeding stations. As soon as the habitat assessment is completed, the situation will be reassessed.

Help by assessing and reporting – not feeding!

It is therefore advisable that the condition of wildlife be monitored rather than fed by the public. We should support wildlife by allowing corridors in order to allow them to move freely, driving carefully along public roads, and ensuring that our pets do not get the opportunity to chase wildlife that graze/browse closer to residential areas.

Please drive carefully, road verges also provide food for wildlife such as small antelope and primate species as these areas are often intact and are good for grazing/browsing and will be feeding close to the road.

Please stay out of natural areas – no hiking

We ask that the public refrain from accessing any natural areas in the George/Knysna region where there are still active or smouldering fire lines. These areas continue to have a high fire danger risk so please help us keep everyone safe!

Issued by CapeNature

Garden Route District Municipality JOC Fire Update 2018/11/02 @ 08:30

George Municipality and ACSA teams are patrolling the urban interface (where homes meet the forest) in George. Weather conditions are not allowing for the smoke and mist to move away from George at the moment.

Issued by the Garden Route DM JOC

Emergency Operations Centre: 044 805 5071

Financial donations to be made to George Municipality bank account:
Bank: ABSA
Rekeningnommer/Account Number: 01022220981
Takkode / Branch Code: 632005
Tipe / Type: Tjek/Cheque
BTW/VAT NO: 4630193664
Email :
Website :
Deposit(o) verwysing / reference : Fire/Disaster
Faks/fax: 086 6457188

This is a dedicated account and is audited under the regulations of the Municipal Finance Act.

Issued by George Municipality

There is a long active fire line from the east to the southerly direction; the fire line jumped the road at Dubells road to the north making a horse shoe (u-shape). It was relatively cold last night with no wind, which created good conditions for firefighters to work in the area around the Dubells Sawmill.

GEORGE / SEVEN PASSES – SANParks has a team present to monitor the smouldering spots inside the fire line – there are no open flames, only smoke.
GEORGE/SAASVELD – Flare-ups reported inside the forest.
GEORGE WATER WORKS / DENNEOORD – No open flames, only smoke.
GEORGE/PLANTATION ROAD – Safe at this stage
KARATARA – The fire is under control and there are no open flames, only spots in the area that are smouldering. A spotter plane doing a recce flight over the Samwill at Karatara.

A SANDF Oryx has been deployed to George to assist with any active fires

Issued by the Garden Route JOC
Emergency Operations Centre: 044 805 5071

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