Geraldine Scholtz is looking for “the one” in new music video

Just a few weeks after the release of her latest single, IEMAND, South Africa’s favourite bubbly musician, Geraldine Scholtz, is back with a brand new music video of this hit that will resonate with audiences of all ages.  

Gerhard van Rooyen van GVR Productions shot the footage for the video in the Hazelwood area in Pretoria. “It is about a heartbroken girl, who arrives in the city and is determined to meet the perfect one. A receptionist overhears a conversation with her parents about her wanting to meet ‘someone’ like her father and gives her a chocolate when she hangs up. Little does she know that this chocolate is going to change her life. Viewers can also look forward to a very interesting ending, that is left open for interpretation,” the singer, who created the storyline for the video, reveals. “The video has a long intro and the storyline complements the lyrics of the song. I truly enjoyed putting this video together.”

The pop song, written by Johan Oberholzer and produced by Robin Kielly, was very well received and is currently featuring on radio stations across the country. It is also a firm favourite at her shows.  According to the singer, the song is about waiting for that special someone whom you want to share the rest of your life with. “It is important to me to sing about a topic that I am able to relate to. I hope that IEMAND will really make listeners dance and smile,” she adds.     

Geraldine has had a very exciting few months, including six shows at Innibos, a performance at Weiveld and the release of three radio singles, SommerMis and IEMAND. She considers the release of her latest music video as one of the highlights of her career and still has a lot of exciting things planned for the future. “We started filming the video early in the morning and only finished shooting at midnight, but it was so worth it. I enjoy being creative and creating my own concepts and Gerhard added all the finishing touches where necessary,” she shares.

Although she walked away with a few blisters on her feet, the result turned out to be perfect. This music video will most definitely make fans fall in love with Geraldine Scholtz’s unique talent all over again.

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