MasterDrive starts driver training in e-format

Brian Joss – There may be many reasons why an employee cannot attend a full practical driver training session, yet, there is also no reason to neglect it all together.

Safe and competent drivers are an asset to any business and the only way to ensure you have drivers like this is to equip them with as much of the theoretical knowledge and practical experience as possible.

MasterDrive has introduced an eLearning programme, MasterLearning, to provide an additional means of accessing theoretical training.

The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says there are various benefits associated with eLearning driver training. “Chief among these is accessibility to training. It can be accessed in the comfort of your own home or office and completed at your own pace. You get to decide when and who does the training,” says Herbert.

Cost-savings: defensive driving teaches driver to save money by reducing crashes and wear and tear on vehicles.A vehicle travelling 3 000km per month, using 10l/100km, can save up to R5 000 yearly by reducing fuel consumption by two or three litres/ 100km. If you multiply this by a fleet of 100 this is a cost-saving of almost R500 000 a year.

It is a low-cost investment: training enables you to strengthen employee skills that not only affect your company’s success but the employee’s safety too.

Time-saver: during times when demand is high or during shorter working months like December, eLearning ensures your drivers still receive training when your time is too limited to have drivers away from their vehicles for an extended period.

You demonstrate your commitment to road safety: your commitment to continually improving your drivers, positions you as a forward-thinking organisation that is fully committed to road safety, not just when it is convenient for you.

It improves employee moral: when you invest in self and professional improvement of your employees, it shows employees you care about their well-being. The affordability of eLearning also makes training accessible to an even broader network of employees.

You reduce your impact on the environment: it is not only our responsibility to reduce costs but to also reduce our footprint when we drive. Defensive driving helps drivers reduce their footprint and meet societal pressure to reduce carbon emissions. It is estimated at least half the workforce will be millennials, or Gen Y, within the next five years. One of the biggest attractors of millennial talent will be the company’s approach to environmentally-conscious business.

The benefits of eLearning driver training are far reaching. “Whilst I can attest to the effect of eDriving, the truth is that there is nothing that can replace a full driver training course for those who have the time available. We, however, take cognisance that in today’s tough economic climates, even necessities like road safety initiatives may be difficult to meet.

“MasterLearning is introducing even more opportunities for your business to enjoy the benefits of defensive driver training when traditional forms of training are not available.  This is MasterDrive’s way of contributing to the longevity and success of South African businesses,” says Herbert.

CAPTION: e-Learning on a Tablet. Picture: Kaboom Pics

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