True Price enters field of vehicle finance

Brian Joss – True Price, the innovative start-up that provides free vehicle evaluations, is branching into the field of vehicle finance! It has entered into a joint venture (JV) with Auction Finance, and will be offering a range of financing and refinancing options.

Darryl Jacobson, managing director of True Price, says that the JV will target two areas of vehicle financing. “We will arrange financing for private vehicle sales or purchases. We will also offer the refinancing of paid-up vehicles,” he explains.

It’s extremely difficult – if not downright impossible – to arrange for financing on private deals. This JV is therefore truly significant for South African motorists.

True Price decided to offer vehicle financing because of customer demand. 

“We have provided thousands upon thousands of South Africans with free vehicle evaluations. Often, those people tell us that they are looking to buy or sell another vehicle. They ask for advice in this regard.

Accordingly, in order to deliver the best possible customer service, we decided to expand into the field of vehicle finance,” Jacobson explained.

However True Price is not an authorised and accredited member of the Financial Services Board, which meant that a partner had to be sought. “We were determined to work with a team of experts in vehicle financing. We want to offer world-class service to our customers; nothing less will suffice.”

Enter Auction Finance, a company with decades of experience in vehicle financing. “The company employs a team of professionals who have specialist knowledge of vehicle financing. They are able to answer any financing-related queries. They are true experts!” Jacobson comments.

This is not the first time that Jacobson and the owners of Auction Finance are working together. “I have known and worked with Deline Olivier, managing director of Auction Finance, and Johan Olivier, head of marketing and sales at Auction Finance, for many years. No one is better qualified to provide vehicle financing advice to True Price clients than these two individuals,” maintains Jacobson.

Now, with immediate effect, True Price will be able to offer finance for private vehicle sales or purchases. “It’s a very simple process. Just follow the prompts and await a call from Auction Finance. It is easy and effortless,” explains Jacobson. Motorists will also have the option to refinance their paid-up vehicles in the same manner.

Jacobson promises to delight True Price clients with a professional service offering. “The field of financing can be quite tricky. There are lots of potential pitfalls for the layman – such as the fine print, for instance.

Accordingly, buying or selling a car can be an emotional or traumatic experience. We are aiming to make the financing side of the deal as smooth and effortless as possible. So, whether you’re buying or selling privately, or whether you want to refinance your car, please do speak to us. We will partner you in the process!” he concludes.

CAPTION: Partners: Darryl Jacobson of True Price and Deline Olivier of Auction Finance. Picture: Motorpress

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