Fedgroup takes hassle out of Black Friday with Impact Farming offer

The special offer takes the pain out of the Black Friday rush and allows consumers to invest rather than spend money via the Impact Farming initiative.

In celebration of Black Friday, financial services company Fedgroup has unveiled a special offer for consumers to invest rather than spend their money this year, via its Impact Farming investment platform.

Fedgroup’s Black Friday offer gives investors the opportunity to buy four blueberry bushes and get one free, via the Fedgroup App that is available through Google Play and the Apple App Store. The offer will be available on the day but will not be limited to the usual 24-hour deadline, as Fedgroup wants to ensure that consumers have a hassle-free Black Friday.

Impact Farming is an app-based crowdsourcing solution that allows investors to own agricultural and renewable energy assets, with the current choice of assets being blueberry bushes, beehives and urban solar farms.

An investment can be made for as little as R300 and this is inclusive of insurance and maintenance, as well as the harvest and sale of the produce.

A blueberry bush can be purchased for R300 and investors can expect an internal rate of return (IRR) of 12% to 14% a year, over an eight-year lifespan of the plant. Over this period, total projected income is about R700 per bush. By purchasing these blueberry bushes in the discounted Black Friday bundle, you are effectively increasing these projected returns.

The buy-in price for a beehive that produces sustainable honey is R4 000 and the expected IRR is between 14% and 16% over 10 years. Income is projected at R9 000 per beehive over this period.

Lastly, investors can invest in renewable energy by purchasing solar panels installed on commercial buildings. The price per panel is R5 000, with an expected IRR of 10% to 12% per year. The lifespan of a solar panel is about 20 years, with projected income of about R15 000 over this period.

Fedgroup also offers other discounted bundles on the App for first-time users to take advantage of within the first 24 hours of downloading and registering on the App. All of these bundles will be reset for Black Friday as well.

In addition to the buy four blueberry bushes and get one free special, investors can also consider three other limited offer bundles that are currently available on the app. These are the Taster, Micro and Mini bundles that include different spreads of the blueberry bush, beehive and solar panel assets.

The initiative gives socially-conscious entrepreneurs the option of generating additional revenue, while contributing positively to the welfare of society and the wellbeing of the environment.

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