ORIBI Village: The Home of Changemakers

Not just your average co-working space: Cape Town shared workspace to launch exciting new business incubator set to bring waves of change to communities through its innovative, socially conscious programmes.

ORIBI Village, a brand new GROUPE SOS Pulse non-profit company, officially launched in Cape Town last week, with a vision to boost social entrepreneurship and positive impact in local communities.

ORIBI Village is seeking out innovators, creatives and pioneering business people who are passionate about harnessing the power of entrepreneurship to boost social change.

They believe in the ABC of Changemaking:

  • A – Accelerating sustainable projects
  • B – Building a conscious community
  • C – Connecting local changemakers

These core aims drive ORIBI Village’s operational model, comprised of two equally important arms: ORIBI Space from which the soon-to-launch ORIBI Incubator will operate.

1.    ORIBI Space: Accelerating Social Start-ups

ORIBI Village is passionate about boosting growth of positive social projects and green start-ups. ORIBI Space is a collaborative co-working space for local entrepreneurs who want to give their small business the boost it needs to make a difference.

They believe in fostering a culture of change by bringing changemakers together through:

  • Meet-ups, talks and workshops to nurture a culture of change
  • Connections to public authorities, start-ups, and bigger companies
  • Positive local initiatives inspired through these events

For ORIBI Village, this initiative is not just about running yet another co-working space.

“It’s about access to spaces where knowledge sharing can happen in a creative environment,” says Ingrid Fiette, Director of ORIBI Village. “It’s about empowering people who have amazing business concepts to draw out every bit of potential that their ideas hold for their community.”

2.    ORIBI Incubator: Building Social Consciousness

It was from the vision for ORIBI Space that the concept for ORIBI Incubator was born. One of the core values at ORIBI Village is to build a socially conscious community. This is the driving force behind the vision to bring together changemakers from Cape Town and its surrounding townships with the goal of serving South Africa’s economy.

ORIBI Incubator is a free social impact incubator programme that is geared toward providing support and access to skills, mentors and technology to small businesses and start-ups who are wanting to make a real difference in their communities.

ORIBI Village believes in the powerful simplicity of entrepreneurship, not just as a means to empower small business owners who want to turn an idea into a profitable reality – but to also have a positive social impact.

“Entrepreneurship has to be about something bigger,” says Ingrid. “When done with a greater community in mind, the ripple effect is significant. Everyone benefits.”

Join ORIBI Village’s Incubator

This December will mark the official launch of ORIBI’s free social impact incubator. If you are in the business of doing good, but need some help doing business, apply for ORIBI Village’s FREE incubator programme. Applications can be submitted via their website. Apply to join the ORIBI Incubator or the ORIBI Space today.

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