The award winning Villa Esposto wine range – any wine lovers dream

Villa Esposto is the flagship wine range from the Klawer Wine Cellar, where outstanding taste and service is the cellar’s goal.

This wine range contains four wines, each made from the Matzikama area’s most premium selection of grapes. Even though the drought over the last 3 years hit the area where the grapes are grown, they still managed to flourish and grew into marvelous healthy grapes to result in award winning Villa Esposto wines.

PRO and tasting specialist at the Klawer Wine Cellar, Franci Nortje, said, “I love to tell people about this wine, simply because it is so magnificent. The aromas, the taste and the great story about our water canal and what big influence Louis Theodore Esposto had on our irrigation system.”

Here follows some of the awards this flagship range won over the last couple of months:

Veritas awards 

As the longest running and biggest competition in South Africa, the Veritas Awards has earned its reputation as one of South Africa’s most authoritative and credible competitions for market ready wines and is backed by a stringent judging system. All four of the Villa Esposto wines received a great score in this competition.

The 2016 Pinotage and the 2018 Pinotage Rosé each received a bronze award. The Chenin Blanc 2018 won silver. A traveller who visited the Klawer Wine Cellar recently and tasted the Villa Esposto Chenin Blanc, said the following: “Best wine ever at such a reasonable price. Beautiful place with an awesome ambience.”

While three of the Villa Esposto wines got such great results, the Klawer Wine Cellar are also really proud of the Muscat d’Alexandrie Straw Wine that got a fantastic gold award. According to Nortje this wine pairs fantastically well with cheesecake or any dish with an orangey aftertaste.

Platter’s by Diners Club South African Wine Guide

Platter’s is known as the go-to guide to South Africa’s wine and estates.They gave and excellent rating to the Villa Esposto wines. The 2018 Chenin Blanc received 4 gold stars and the 2016 Pinotage is not far behind with 3 ½ stars. The Muscat d’Alexandrie Straw Wine did the best of them all with 4 ½ stars. This is yet another reason you should visit the Klawer WIne Cellar to buy or taste this wine. You can also order this or any other Villa Esposto wine by sending your email to

Remember that there are only 30 bottles left of the 2016 vintage Villa Esposto Muscat d’Alexandrie Straw Wine. You could be the one to buy some of the last bottles to treasure and age for up to 5 years.

Tim Atkin

Villa Esposto recently received an excellent score from the British master of wine and award-winning wine journalist, Tim Atkin. Along with these scores, the Klawer Wine Cellar – that is home to the Villa Esposto wine range  – were crowned with a certificate of the best corporative wine cellar of the year.

The Villa range fermentation is a combination of new, second and third fill French oak barrels, which contribute to the creamy texture and lingering finish.

The 2018 Chenin Blanc scored 92. This wine has opulent aromas of citrus and tropical notes which are underlined with subtle hints of toast.

Our 2016 Straw Wine scored 93. This is our “sunshine in a bottle”, says Nortje. Grapes from dry farmed bush vines, planted in 1969, are carefully selected before laying them on straw mats for drying. After two weeks this concentrated Muscat d’Alexandrie nectar is gently pressed and fermented at a slow pace.

The 2016 Pinotage scored 90 points. You get the intense and concentrated aromas of ripe cherries and Christmas cake, along with sweet and smoky undertones on the palate.

Michelangelo awards

There is absolutely no shortage of excellence if one would taste any of the Villa Esposto wines. The Michelangelo awards proved the Villa Esposto range is of high class and quality.

A wine enthusiast, Vincent du Preez, said “Since I discovered these wine, they remain amongst my favourites wines of the Matzikama region.”

The 2016 Straw Wine received a great silver Michelangelo Award and the Pinotage 2016 got a scorching gold award.

Despite receiving great awards, the historic story linked to the wine range will tell you just how special and unique these wines really are.

Klawer Wine Cellar offers a complimentary wine tasting of the Villa Esposto wines at their tasting room located on the N7 Cape/Namibia route outside Klawer. They are open on weekdays from 08:00 till 17:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 till 13:00. For more information, visit Villa Esposto’s website or take a look at their social media profiles on Facebook @villaespostowines, Twitter @villaesposto or Instagram @espostovilla. For wine sales, contact Franci Nortje at

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