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3 FREE strategies to get your brand out there!

Whether you’re leading the charge in a larger organisation or a lone ranger embarking on your solopreneur journey, the reality is that you not always going to have access to a massive marketing budget. So, what do you do to get your brand out there and get those leads streaming in when you don’t have money to spend? Jacqueline Raw, Owner and Founder of Ycagel, a marketing consultancy in Kwa-Zulu Natal, share three easy, free strategies to help you get your brand out there.


When it comes to social media, the trick that you need to master to get your brand out there and start generating great leads is NETWORKING! There are thousands of business or personality profile pages out there and to really stand out, you need to develop a serious networking strategy on social media – from Facebook to LinkedIn and everything in-between. How? Start by creating a mental picture of what your ideal customer looks like and then start engaging with people who fit this profile on a one-on-one basis. This one-on-one engagement is a HUGE differentiator and drives massive value. Be smart about it. If you looking to attract a bigger audience, connect with a ‘group’ or ‘community’ owner/influencer. Once you’ve established trust and demonstrated value, you have created an ambassador for your brand who has a wider audience to influence. Viola! WINNING!

Side note:  If you’re a marketing manager in a larger organisation, consider getting someone on this full-time. This is a magic strategy to grow your brand and generate seriously hot leads.


Get ready for your close-up! Video content is a powerful medium to get your business noticed and with most social media platforms preferring video content over static posts, you’re setting yourself up for greater reach and engagement. If you’re a consultant, freelancer or entrepreneur with a service-based offering, you can film quick one-minute tutorials on ‘How-To’ or share tips on what’s worked for you. If you’re selling products, showcase testimonials, people using your product or examples of product benefits. Creating video content is a MUST DO if you’re serious about building your brand. Best part? You can record real, raw footage straight with your phone for, you guessed it, free!

  1. MAIL IT

Again, one-on-one engagement is a massive win when you don’t have the budget for one-to-many campaigns (and more often than not, they produce the best returns). There are loads of direct marketing email platforms that are free. MailChimp, for example, allows you up to 2000 subscribers for free before you must migrate onto a paid plan. Plus, you already have a captive database – your contact list on your cell! Scroll through your contacts list and capture the details of anyone that could be a potential customer. Then create a mailer that introduces your business, your brand and your product or service. Keep it light and interesting, no hard selling here! Before you know it, you’ll be getting hits on your website (if you’re driving traffic there – and you should be) or replies to really great offers.

Side note: It’s important to let people know how you got their information, to protect customer information and to give contacts a chance to opt-out if they’re not interested.

“Engagement, conversation and adding real value to potential customers is (and always will be) free. All you need to do is put together the right strategy for each initiative and follow through, consistently. If you get this right, you’re poised for explosive growth!” Raw concludes.

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Ycagel is a marketing business that offers a wide range of services. Driven by an entrepreneur and her powerful network of freelancers, they offer big business thinking and results with the engagement and investment of a smaller more engaged business.

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