Adventure Boot Camp – An Alternative Way to Fitness

Adventure Boot Camp aims to provide a fun and alternative way of exercising to all South African women. They arrange outdoor fitness sessions for women exclusively, hoping to provide women with a place where they can feel a sense of belonging and pursue their fitness journey.

They extend comprehensive exercise programs that are designed with the view of helping women achieve their fitness goals. These programs consist of workout programmes, nutritional counselling, fitness instructions and motivational training, all packed together with energising and fun activities.

Plans Offered by Adventure Boot Camp
Adventure Boot Camp offers two distinct plans to cater to the unique needs of all women. These are: –

1) The Adventure Me Plan: Adventure Me is a plan offered by Adventure Boot Camp which gives you access to eleven boot camps organised by them. Under this plan, one has access to an unlimited number of sessions in each camp, with the freedom of availing a camp at any part of the nation. It offers the flexibility to change the sessions according to one’s wishes. This plan features a debit order option with automatic options for signing up, registration and payment process.

2) The Fit Figures Plan: The plan offers the enthusiastic women a flat rate for an unlimited number of sessions. This means that you get a higher return for your money. This plan provides you access to boot camps all across the nation, with the flexibility of choosing the desired time. You do not need to pay any prior joining fee, and the payment is done from camp to camp, as and when you participate in them.
Features of their Boot Camp

The Boot camps are organised over a four-week period from Monday to Friday. The sessions are held in the morning and in the evening, for an hour. The major features of their fitness plan are: –

The workouts practised are different every day, aimed at complete body exercise, featuring a mix of cardio, Pilates, circuit training, toning abs etc.

The boot camps offer the women the flexibility to train nationwide.

The camps are suitable for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike, catering to women of all shapes and sizes.

It provides the opportunity to train with like-minded women who share the same fitness and health goals.

They have partnered with several top brands in the health and fitness industry to offer exclusive discounts to their ladies.

Their team of experts also offer nutritional advice and eating plans.

To learn more about their boot camps, please visit:

About Adventure Boot Camp
Adventure Boot Camp is an innovative and fun outdoor exercise programme that caters to women of all fitness levels. Their camps are held in beautiful environments, exclusively for women, putting an end to the monotonous gym routine.

Contact Us:
Unit 2, Upper Ground Floor
Double Tree by Hilton
Brickfield Road, Woodstock
7925, Cape Town
South Africa

Contact No:
+27 21 447 2746 Or
082 567 2267

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