Lifestyle will decide the best cars for students and graduates

Brian Joss – Vehicle purchasing decisions are no longer governed by the notion of “I want a car” but rather by “my lifestyle requires a car” – and being a student is no different.

Moving from one class or campus to another, and adhering to employment obligations, for some, can prove to be difficult without a set of reliable wheels.

The Consumer Awards powered by WesBank gives consumers points to consider when making that all-important car buying decision, and the budget vehicle category is one of 13 car categories in these industry awards. The price cap for this category is R200 000 and it is aimed at identifying a stylish and trendy car for the value, in addition to the more practical aspects.

Fuel costs, tyres, services, as well as last years’ VAT increase, all have a significant impact on the car buying decision, and it is therefore important to consider the economics of a buying decision, especially because it is a long-term commitment.

The path to purchasing a vehicle can be stressful for students and graduates, especially because they do not always have a credit history. They also have to factor in the daily running cost of the vehicle and the complexity of budgeting in this way might be new to them. However, this does not mean the graduate is left to buy anything less than what their heart may desire, or compromise on style, practicality and most importantly safety.

“The first purchase is always exciting, yet scary at the same time. It is therefore imperative to be clear about one’s needs as well as affordability.” said Ghana Msibi, WesBank’s Executive Head of Sales and Marketing.

“The Consumer Awards gives car manufactures and consumers a great platform to better evaluate particular cars based on their needs, whilst also involving the most important stakeholders, the consumers, in choosing the deserving winner in the respective categories,” concludes Msibi.

The winner of the budget category will be evaluated and selected based on:

fuel economy, value for money, practicality and brand strength, which refers to preference for established brands with a proven track record; a large servicing network;  resale value, a strong warranty and length of service plan.

According to Khulekani Dumisa, motoring expert and Budget Car judge “The winner of this category will essentially represent as much a reliable and trendy car as possible for the money. Value is very important, as are running costs and all such “common sense” considerations. Being part of the judging panel and particularly being exposed to this category, even though my student days are long gone, has opened me up to how car manufactures are slowly giving consumers, even first-time buyers, great value for money; spending wisely and driving in style”.

Visit: for more details or #CarsAwards hashtag.

CAPTION:  Decisions, decisions: buying a car is a long-term commitment.  Picture: Motorpress

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