Take your trainers the extra mile

January 2019: Summer is the perfect time to clock some mileage outdoors – whether it’s trail running, mountain biking or hiking.  And while your trainers will take care of you on those slippery slopes, how will you be taking care of them?

Sneaker LAB founder Jo Farah recommends calling up a few key players to keep your trainers in tip-top shape. 

The nature lover 

You’re not the only one that loves the great outdoors – Sneaker LAB’s Sneaker Cleaner solution contains no soap, is environmentally friendly and readily biodegradable. The pro-bacteria concentrated solution accelerates the breakdown of dirt at a microscopic level and continues cleaning up to three days after application. This cleaner is safe to use on most materials including canvas.

The Sneaker Cleaner is also available in the Premium Shoe Care Kit, which includes an Odor Protector and Sneaker Protector.

Up and running

Get your trainers fighting fit before you head outdoors. The Sneaker Protector keeps your running shoes looking newer and cleaner for longer. The formula is a water-based treatment that acts as an invisible protective barrier against dirt and stains, making repeat cleaning easier.

Don’t sweat it

Just because you’re working up a sweat, doesn’t mean your trainers have to. The Odor Protector prevents and eliminates unwanted odour emitting bacteria. The natural, biological formula is safe to use on most fabrics.

Team player

The Sneaker Wipes are designed for on-the-go cleaning. Not only will they wipe the dust from your trainers, they’re also a great refreshing wipe when you’re building up a sweat – they’ll keep your hands clean so you can tackle that next climb! The individual disposable wipes breaks down natural waste, and are a must to slip into your backpack before hitting the trail.

Established in 2012, Sneaker LAB created an environmentally friendly biotech driven premium shoe care brand and is the scientific authority on sneaker care.

The premium shoe care products make use of environmentally friendly biotechnology, function on a molecular level, and continue to work long after application. The products are water-based, readily biodegradable, and the packaging is suitable for recycling.

Sneaker LAB products are available in over 50 countries across all major regions of the globe including Africa, USA, Europe and Asia.

Visit sa.sneakerlab.com for more information.

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