True Price on track to becoming a “one-stop auto shop”

Brian Joss – True Price, the innovative start-up that offers free vehicle evaluations to South African motorists, has added another string to its bow of product offerings: tracking and vehicle recovery.

Darryl Jacobson, managing director of True Price, said he would like to see the website becoming a one-stop automotive shop. “Accordingly, we have partnered with experts in their field. Firstly, we joined forces with Auction Finance. In terms of this JV (Joint Venture), we are able to offer private-to-private vehicle finance. Motorists can also refinance their paid-up vehicles. Now, we have partnered with Cartrack, and we’re offering vehicle tracking and recovery,” he reveals.

As Jacobson notes, vehicle ownership can be somewhat complicated. “There are all sorts of things to consider. It’s not a simple case of buying a car and driving it. We are trying to ease the motorists’ path,” he explains.

Given the fact that so many vehicles are stolen or hijacked in South Africa, a world-class tracking and recovery service has become essential in this country. “Accordingly, we decided to partner with Cartrack, one of the largest telematics companies globally and a leading provider of mobile asset management. We selected Cartrack because it has the highest audited recovery rate in the industry,” Jacobson reveals.

In fact, Cartrack has a 91% audited recovery rate, which means that in the event of a theft or burglary, there’s an excellent chance that a vehicle will be returned to its rightful owner.

Jacobson expects a high uptake of Cartrack’s products and services via True Price. “We serve thousands of motorists each month. These people typically want to buy or sell a car. Assuming they’re purchasing a car, vehicle tracking and recovery will be high on their list of priorities. Thanks to our JV with Cartrack, we are hoping to provide a world-class tracking and recovery service to South African motorists,” Jacobson concludes.

 Motorists wishing to establish the value of their vehicles can visit and request a free evaluation.

Caption: Single-minded: Darryl Jacobson: managing director of True Price.  Picture: Motorpress

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