How to judge the quality of cement

Cement is an integral component of concrete and mortar and is a primary building material found in structures, sidewalks and roads all over the world. It is critical that the cement is of proper quality to prevent cracks, premature failure and allow the project to be safe, strong, and durable for as long as possible.

Testing the quality of cement does not have to be a tricky thing to do. Firstly, scoop up a handful of the cement in question. You can make some quality judgments just by feeling and looking at the cement. The cement should be lump- and dust-free and feel cool to the touch, indicating no hydration reaction is taking place.

Also, try looking at the colour of the cement. Cement for building construction should be a uniform greenish-grey, while cement for decorative applications is white. Smelling cement can also give you an indication of the purity of the product you are using. Cement that smells earthy generally has too much clay added to it.

You can also try putting some of the cement you are using in a bucket of water to test its quality. When tossed into a bucket of water, quality cement that is free from impurities should float on the surface for a while before sinking.

At Joetsie, delivering fresh, high-quality concrete is something that they strive towards. Their team has years of experience in the civil engineering field. They have served many customers over the years who have successfully completed their projects with the help of materials supplied by Joetsie.

One way in which Joetsie ensures the consistent quality of their concrete is by having invested in a Reimer Volumetric mixer that they use to produce superior concrete. The machine is designed to deliver the same quality concrete with every pour. It is also equipped with a computer meter measurement that ensures that no material goes to waste and that each delivery is accurately billed.

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