Top three recession-proof industries for restless entrepreneurs

Marketers and entrepreneurs are often the first to identify new opportunities because they are the mavericks with their eye on the horizon says Jacqueline Raw, Owner and Founder of Ycagel, a marketing consultancy in Kwa-Zulu Natal. She adds, “Their ability to mobilise, respond to and capitalise on impending innovation and opportunities means that they are never limited to certain industries or markets.”

It is with this in mind that Jacqui offers her predictions as to where the three greatest opportunities will manifest this year:

  1. Renewable energy:

Being able to sustainably produce clean energy is no longer a pipe dream or a nice to have. With the ever-looming deadline for a global reduction in temperatures before we reach our tipping point of no return in 2035 – this industry is now taking centre stage on a global platform.  It’s an absolute, that if you’re able to contribute as an entrepreneur to solving this burning question, you are sitting with a massive opportunity.

  1. Agriculture:

Yes, you heard me right. With the global food crisis worsening as you read this, and with world leaders like Bill and Melinda Gates taking this issue personally and driving hard for global focus, input and reform, the opportunity to get involved is now. The hard reality is that we are running out of food and we are running out of planet to farm on. This simply cannot go on. With massive innovations in agricultural technologies and big retailers like Woolworths taking a stand to support locally and ethically grown foods, it’s clear that an opportunity to impact change exists. All it takes is a consciousness around issues perpetuating our food crisis and an ability to innovate the right solutions that will impact change. We need the best minds focused on solutions – this means growth and opportunity for anyone ready to take on the challenge.

  1. Education, education, education:

Technology has enabled total access to learning; learning materials are now so easily accessible on any devices, anywhere in the world. Information and content is dating almost as quickly as it is published and this presents an interesting opportunity for techpreneurs who want to get involved in driving education. Word on the street is that the era of formal education is dying out and with that truth in mind, we are faced with the challenge of getting real-time skills training into the hands of the younger, more agile workforce of the future, bearing in mind that because of our massive rate of innovation and transformation globally, the skill share needs to be almost real-time between seasoned professionals and the next generation. This is probably the most exciting of the three industries to get into and with fairly low barriers to entry; it makes it an attractive option to consider for any entrepreneur.

“If we are the next generation of entrepreneurs tasked with making a difference in this world for ourselves and the generations to come, then there is no time like the present to get clear on where we want to impact change and go for it, relentlessly.” Jacqueline Raw concludes.

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Ycagel is a marketing business that offers a wide range of services. Driven by an entrepreneur and her powerful network of freelancers, they offer big business thinking and results with the engagement and investment of a smaller more engaged business.

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