Time is running out!

My fellow South African,

Yesterday, President Ramaphosa showed that under the ANC, the Station of the Nation, was rather a State of No Action.

Whatever his intentions, the President is constrained by the ANC, and is unable to act, and will not be able to stop his party’s intention to expropriate private land, homes and businesses without compensation.

Time is running out to save South Africa. Time is running out to save your right, and the right of your children, to own property without the risk of it being taken away by government.

If you stand for individual property rights and a growing economy, then stand with a party that will protect that right! Only the DA is big enough to challenge the ANC/EFF coalition of corruption, and with your help, we can win even more parliamentary seats in Election 2019.

Make a donation to protect our sacred constitutional rights.

After the surge of optimism that saw Zuma removed and Ramaphosa installed, more than one year on, it is clear that Ramaphosa presents no ‘new dawn’, and is sadly just more of the same:

    • Whilst Ramaphosa promised to review the funding model of SA’s failing SOEs last SONA, his government went ahead and guaranteed SOEs another R14.9 billion in bailouts! The DA would sell off failing SOEs.
    • 1 in 2 young people remain jobless. At the last SONA, Ramaphosa promised 1 million internships over 3 years through his Youth Employment Service (YES) but, in reality there have been fewer than 7000 internships, and white youths are not even allowed to apply for the limited opportunities. The DA would offer every matriculant a full year of paid work and skills training, regardless of the colour of their skin.
    • Despite promising to review the bloated ANC-cabinet, there are still over 70 ministers and deputies wasting tax payers’ money. The DA would have a cabinet of just 15 ministries!

Empty promises will never build One South Africa for All! We need change.

Please donate towards our campaign to get South Africa working.

The DA is the only party with a track record of good governance in South Africa’s biggest cities! Our solid agenda for change will sell failing SOEs, create fair access to jobs, cut the fat, create an honest and professional police service, grow our economy, and protect your constitutional rights!

Please make an investment in the future of our democracy

Warm regards,

Mmusi Maimane

DA Leader 

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