A new collection of Helene Fischer hits now available!

Helene Fischer is regarded as one of the most successful European pop stars and it, therefore, comes as no surprise that she already boasts a double album, containing thirty-two of her best and most popular songs.

In fact, she has just released a brand new and reprocessed version of the very same album, BEST OF HELENE FISCHER, because the demand for her music just keeps growing. And the good news is that her work will now also be available on South African music shelves!

On making her music available to South African listeners, Fischer says: “I have been blessed to enjoy a successful European career and now look forward to sharing my music with a variety of audiences in South Africa.”

The album, which was originally released in 2010, contains more than two hours’ worth of her greatest hits, as she believes that only the best is good enough for her fans. Tracks like Von hier bis unendlich (From Here to Infinity), Hundert Prozent (Hundred Percent) and Atemlos durch die Nacht (Breathless Through The Night) forms part of this remarkable playlist. The new version’s has also been elaborately (re)designed and has an elegant golden finish and a booklet containing the lyrics of the songs on the album. Some of the tracks have also been extended. 

Seen as one of the most successful European singers and entertainers today – Helen boasts 112 platinum and more than 50 gold awards, among others – Fischer, also known as the schlager queen, became one of the most popular German musical artists after making her recording debut in 2006. She consistently racked up hits in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland before 2013’s Farbenspiel became one of the most successful albums in German history. Since then, the sky has been the limit in terms of her musical career.

THE BEST OF HELEN FISCHER is a must for any Helene Fischer fan or anyone who has an ear for good music. It is a striking combination of heartfelt ballads and catchy dance tracks, without which no playlist will be complete. The album is available in selected music stores and on all digital platforms.


CD #1

  1. Von hier bis unendlich
  2. Du fängst mich auf und lässt mich fliegen
  3. Feuer am Horizont
  4. Ich glaub dir hundert Lügen
  5. Ich will immer wieder… dieses Fieber spür’n
  6. Ich geb’ nie auf (Am Anfang war das Feuer)
  7. Und ich vermiss dich auch
  8. Mitten im Paradies
  9. Im Reigen der Gefühle
  10. Vergeben, vergessen und wieder vertrau’n
  11. Mal ganz ehrlich
  12. Du hast mein Herz berührt
  13. Verlieb’ dich nie nach Mitternacht
  14. Lass mich in dein Leben
  15. Manchmal kommt die Liebe einfach so
  16. Und morgen früh küss ich dich wach
  17. Hundert Prozent
  18. Du lässt mich sein, so wie ich bin
  19. Von Null auf Sehnsucht
  20. Frag nicht – Ich mag dich
  21. Nicht von dieser Welt 

CD #2

  1. Atemlos durch die Nacht
  2. Phänomen
  3. Die Hölle morgen früh
  4. Nur wer den Wahnsinn liebt
  5. Für einen Tag
  6. Mit keinem Andern
  7. Wär’ heut’ mein letzter Tag
  8. Marathon
  9. Fehlerfrei
  10. Unser Tag
  11. Ein kleines Glück


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/helenefischer.official/

Twitter: @_Helene_Fischer

Instagram: @helenefischer

Website: www.helene-fischer.de

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