Fulvic Acid – The Latest “Fad”, or Worth Investigating?

In recent years, fulvic acid has entered public awareness as a bio-supplement that assists the body with the absorption of nutrients, the rebuilding of its immune system, and as an antioxidant, amongst many other things.

Fulvic acid is broadly described as a family of naturally-occurring organic acids and compounds found in the humus, part of Earth’s soil matter. Free Mind Health’s general description of its components explains it as containing a “vast amount of naturally occurring biochemicals, supercharged antioxidants, free-radical scavengers, superoxide dismutases (“SOD”), nutrients, enzymes, hormones, amino acids, natural antibiotics, natural antivirals, and natural fungicides”.  (1) 

Several scientific corners support these claims, and suggest that further investigation is warranted. Fulvic acid, or FvA,  has in fact been known to science and biochemical communities for some time. A review article in the Journal of Diabetes Research (2) makes reference to a naturally occurring FvA-rich substance called Shilajit used in Ayurvedic medicine as early as 3000 years ago. The article notes that fulvic acid may have therapeutic potential in the treatment of type 2 diabetes symptoms.  

And as the research continues, we are defining in clearer terms how fulvic acid and similar types of humic acids could be playing an ever-increasing role in our wellbeing. The reasons for this are fairly easy to identify. The foods we eat are becoming more processed and mass-produced, and many are less nutrient-rich than they once were.

Our bodies need more assistance in extracting these nutrients from our food, which is where fulvic acid’s benefits come into play, whether it is consumed as a supplement, or simply as an element in foods (such as organic vegetables and blackstrap molasses).

Identified benefits of fulvic acid:

  • Fulvic minerals are super carriers of various critical minerals, which can move up to 60 times their weight of minerals into the body’s cells.
  • Fulvic minerals are a highly effective anti-oxidant as they are uniquely capable of neutralising both negative and positive charged free radicals.
  • Fulvic minerals are the best electrolyte known to man, which regulate hydration and micro-electrical cell activity.
  • Fulvic minerals consist of 45% oxygen, which fuels muscle activity, reduces muscle fatigue and lactic acid build up and improves recovery rate.
  • Fulvic minerals dissolve silica and carries it to our joints, which means there is collagen available for building stronger joints.

All of these benefits can help sportspeople, assist in the management of diabetes, improve the skin, and aid in general health and well-being. Fulvic acid can even serve as a hangover cure! While we wait on academic research to further recognise these claims, many are finding the benefits of using supplements containing fulvic acid.

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  2. John Winkler and Sanjoy Ghosh, “Therapeutic Potential of Fulvic Acid in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases and Diabetes,” Journal of Diabetes Research, vol. 2018, Article ID 5391014, 7 pages, 2018. https://doi.org/10.1155/2018/5391014.

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