Book Review: 63 Days to Optimum Health

Sally-Ann Creed

Human & Rousseau


Review: Brian Joss

Sally-Ann Creed is a Functional Integrative Nutritional Therapist and has a post graduate diploma in clinical nutrition and suffered from debilitating ill health for many years until she discovered the secret to good health is in the food choices you make.  So if you follow her advice in just 63 days you could be a new you. Creed explains that it takes 21 days for your brain to form a new neural pathway and another 42 days to cement it, thus the 63 days. In other words you need to retrain your brain to think differently about what you put in your mouth.

The aim of the book is to encourage a lower carbohydrate diet and to encourage the consumption of whole natural real food. The Paleo way of eating but basically it’s about eating healthy, real food. There is a check list of 18 questions and if you say yes to being exhausted; overworked; often get sick; have little time to exercise; on medication you would love to discontinue or you find it hard to control your weight, for example, you’re not alone.

Train your brain to form new, healthy habits and ditch the old, destructive habits. The hard part is application but it can be done. You have to make a start somewhere: you may want to give up fizzy drinks, stop smoking or having late nights. So make a to-do list of the things you want to change and ask yourself why.

It is a step-by-step journey to a healthier you and Creed spells it out in plain English. She explains what real food is; how to change your eating and shopping habits. Instead of heading for the “cemetery aisles” in  the supermarkets where all the “dead” food, boxes and plastic bottles are, go to where the fresh food is, or even better to the markets. And ask questions about where it comes from and, if is fresh meat, ask what the animals were fed: grain or grass; growth promoters or antibiotics. And ask your vendor to wrap it in paper instead of plastic.

Avoid low-fat or fat-free products at all costs. It is the fat that provides the flavour and when that is removed, sugar or sweeteners must be added to make the product palatable.

Creed also destroys some of the myths about health foods, sugar and sweeteners. Diet drinks are a no-no as they contain lots of chemicals that can affect you adversely. She also lists Equal, NutraSweet, Saccharine, Splenda and Sucralose as sweeteners to avoid.  Stevia and Xylitol are safe alternatives, but only if you have to sweeten your beverage.

Included is a chapter of recipes for beverages, sauces, seasonings, herb mixes, sugarless jams, soups, mains and menu ideas. You can also make your own home care and beauty products, including one for a fruit and vegetable wash. There are also check lists and evaluation modules to help you check your progress.

63 Days To Optimum Health will help you to make informed choices and Creed, in plain English, explains the underlying principles of good health.  Even if you don’t think you have the willpower to try the 63-day method, any changes you make can only benefit you.  

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