The Mess around You Can Affect Your Sex Life

At least everyone hates to have a mess around them; it makes you feel stressed out and disorganized. Only a few people, however, are aware that having a mess around them affects their sex life.

According to a recent survey conducted by Frank Rubbish Removal, couples report that having a messy boudoir prevents them from feeling it since it affects the process of igniting the mood.

Frank Rubbish Removal found that 50% of the people who have rubbish in their bedroom stated that the mess negatively affected their passion together. The survey also discovered that most people would hire a waste disposal service if they had the money to pay for it.

The mess does not only interfere with the mood, but it also makes couples argue a lot. During the survey, people were asked about other effects of mess and at least 2/3 of them admitted to the fact that it made them argue a lot. Both males and females agreed that they believed partners did not do enough clean-ups as much as they wanted even when asked.

According to this survey, rubbish is the second cause of disagreements after money. Note that such disagreements happen at least once a week as long as the rubbish and mess is not gotten rid of. It also appears to be the primary issue among individuals of 55 years and above.

Residents of Manchester, Bristol, Plymouth admitted that the mess problem is the main issue. However, it as a small problem to people living in Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Newcastle stating that where couples live does have some effect on such issues.

The great thing regarding this problem is that there is more than enough solution for it. The survey of Frank Rubbish Removal indicated that throwing clothes on the floor is one of the main challenges, then unmade beds, and the electrical cables by the bed.

To curb the issue, people just need to pick up the clothes and put them away. There needs to be a dedicated location to put clothes that would be used on a regular basis so that they are off the floor. Another solution is placing a washing bin in the bedroom to ensure that dirty clothes don’t find their way on the floor.

The problem with the bed is the easiest to fix. Make an agreement with your partner that you’ll each make the bed on certain days of the week. That way, each of you will have to make the bed because the partner will remind you in case you fail to obey the roster.

This principle can be applied to deal with the cables by the bed. In fact, most people state that the quality of their sex life is improved significantly if they entirely remove electricals from the bedroom. Well, this is not valid for everyone, but at least it’s worth giving it a try.

The survey by Frank Rubbish Removal indicated that getting rid of the mess is one of the easiest and romantic things that a couple could do together. You will have a peaceful, romantic life when the rubbish is kept away from the house and its environs. It is imperative to mention that cleaning should be a lot of fun as long as the right approach is employed.

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