The All New Suzuki Jimny Roof Rack Kit – by Front Runner

Johannesburg, South Africa – April 2, 2019 – When you hear “Jimny” what comes to mind?

Is it Suzuki’s mini roamer sitting in a parking lot all alone feeling sorry for itself? Or is it of a nicely designed compact off-road superstar climbing difficult terrain with smiles on the faces of driver and passenger alike? Yeah. For sure the second option. Front Runner Outfitters’ Slimline II Rack Kit for the new Jimny helps take the adventure to the next level by giving you the one thing the Jimny can admittedly use more of – cargo space.

It’s always better to drive without bags, bikes, surfboards, fishing rods overflowing into the driver’s seat and poking you in the eye. All those items, and many more, can now be safely and securely stowed on the roof rack.

Mount a roof top tent and 55+ Front Runner accessories to the top and choose your own adventure.

No drilling or super-specialised tools are needed to fit the rack; it’s a simple gutter-mount installation completed in about an hour, depending on how many times you stop to check the weather or surf report.

As with all Front Runner racks, the Slimline II for the Jimny is off-road tough and all aluminium – that means lightweight – so you’ll still have enough horsepower to carry you up that mountain to get those epic views. With modular slats you can create a full platform to dance like no one is watching or make room for unobstructed sunroof views.

“The Front Runner Roof Rack Kit and the new Suzuki Jimny are a perfect match,” says Front Runner’s  Sales Manager. “While the new Jimny provides more comfort and power with improved off-road capabilities, the Front Runner rack provides the best off-road tough solution for extra storage and the ability to go from overlanding and camping to sports mounts for surfing, fishing and cycling. Together, the Jimny and Front Runner gear create the perfect recipe for having a fun time on, or off, the road.”

About Front Runner Outfitters

About Front Runner Outfitters Front Runner Outfitters began with a handful of friends from South Africa with backgrounds in engineering, design, manufacturing and off-road racing. After numerous equipment failures on their expeditions around the world, they decided to take their passion for vehicle-based adventure and dream up new, smart gear. Today, Front Runner’s products have a well-deserved reputation for quality, intelligent design, and durability. Front Runner’s roof racks, water tanks, tents, awnings, drawer systems and camping accessories are enjoyed, used, and abused around the world by casual campers, overlanders, the U.N., NGOs, outdoor enthusiasts and extreme athletes.

For more information please contact:
Jaco Nel | Phone: +27 11 466 0155
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