Make the most of your ride with the Land Rover Explore mount

All smartphones have access to a range of apps that can help mountain bikers and cyclists: from navigation to recording your ride, to linking to your wearable tech. But most phones can’t take the punishment regularly dealt to them while out on the trails.

The falls, bumps, splashes, vibration and dust phones are exposed to while you ride usually result in cracked screens and damaged hardware, which is why most cyclists end up leaving their phones safely tucked away in a bag or even at home.

The Land Rover Explore phone is different, it is dust-proof and waterproof and durable enough to handle any bumps you might experience on the trail. The phone’s Gorilla® Glass screen won’t crack when dropped and the long battery life will keep up with you for your entire ride.

With cyclists in mind, an easily adjustable, universal mounting system is also available so you can use the Land Rover Explore on your handlebars as a navigational tool and to stay in touch while out riding.

The phone has been built to the highest rugged standards and copes easily with both spray and vibrations. It fits snuggly into the mount – which comes with both stem and handlebar mount and even has a Glove Mode so you don’t need to take them off to use it.

If that’s not enough, it is also packed with a range of features specifically designed to help those who love spending time outdoors. It has a handy Dashboard which can be set to check for the conditions you need know for your ride like altimeter, compass, chance of rain, or even freezing height, while the Explore Hub saves time trawling through Google Play for a relevant app, instead it’s a hub of apps curated for all activities.

Route planning is easy with topographical mapping pre-loaded onto the phone via the ViewRanger app, plus the phone comes with an Adventure Pack that slots on to the back and has a GPS antennae and additional battery to allow it to work as a GPS device– as well as extending your battery life.

The Land Rover Explore phone and universal bike mount are the all-in-one cycling accessories you should be investing in. For more information, visit

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