Creating Hope, Leaving Footprints

Celebrating International Cancer Survivor Day through Art & Creativity

“Survivorship begins from the moment of diagnosis and continues throughout the course of life.”

A “Cancer Survivor” is ANYONE living with or being touched by cancer-from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life. 

Being a cancer survivor include not just those being diagnosed, but also so many loved ones (partners, parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues, caregivers) supporting the person living with cancer throughout their journey, throughout continuing their own life’s, even when their loved ones is no longer with them. 

Surviving cancer is an attitude about life and living each day to the fullest. 

A legacy is something you leave or give to others, something that will last beyond your lifetime.  For many this means money or possessions, but a life legacy entails your story, the lessons you have learned, values, beliefs, your hopes and your dreams.  A life legacy is something from the heart.  Perfection is not the goal.  Expressing your thoughts, your feelings, saying what you want to say is what is important.  Guiding our loved ones by sharing with them, showing them and in the end leaving each other with something that will continue in to eternity.  Memory making goes hand in hand with life legacy. 

The 1st step towards Creating Hope and Leaving Footprints within a community touched by cancer through art, creativity and storytelling, was taken 2017 and will continue in its 3rd year when Cancer Survivors, as per the definition earlier in this article will once again share their stories of hope and leaving footprints.  This will be done by taking part in a once again unique art exhibition hosted by Cancercare Outeniqua Oncology at 3 Gloucester Ave, George in June 2019.  This exhibition will start on Monday 3 June and will run until 28 June 2019.

Contributors footprints will not only form part of the 2019 exhibition, but it will also become part of an ongoing long term goal towards creating hope and leaving footprints. 

In 2017 the 1st Art Exhibition that took place at Cancercare included the work of 15 artists, all touched by journey with cancer in some way.  In 2018 the work of 24 exhibitors form part of this exhibition.  Mediums of sharing stories of hope and that of legacy included contributions in the form of acrylic and oil paintings, pottery, photography, glass stain work, poetry, woodwork and so much more. 

The overall aim of this initiative is to be an event filled with joy, camaraderie, hope, compassion, faith, love and remembrance, honouring the life’s of those touched by cancer for their strength and courage. 

So, if you are touched in some way by cancer and or if you are an artist living with cancer, sharing your life with someone with cancer, or even lost someone to cancer, you are invited to become part of this unique, meaningful opportunity to exhibit your art and share your story of healing, creating hope and leaving footprints. 

Submissions can be sent to and must be with us before or on Friday the 10th of May at the latest.  Send a short story of your cancer journey and perhaps of how it influence your art/ craft together with a picture of yourself, and your art to us.  Contributions can include any form of expressive art or craft. 

For more information kindly contact Engela on 044 884 0806. 

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