Big reasons why smaller cars are better

Renting the right car for you and your loved ones can be challenging. One common debate that often arises during the car hiring process, is whether a large car or a small car is better. Factors such as space, costs and safety play a big role in which car you think will be the best fit for your journey.

Chanele van Tonder, Firefly’s marketing executive, and her team composed a list of reasons why bigger might not always mean better when it comes to car rental.

It’s more affordable! Obviously a smaller car will probably be more economical and perform better with the same engine size, simply because there is less weight to lug around. Smaller cars will also, predominantly, be more fuel efficient than heavier cars. A bigger vehicle simply needs more power than a smaller one to produce comparable acceleration and load-hauling capacity. And that’s usually achieved by a larger engine displacement. Renting prices for a smaller car is also more affordable than, for instance, an SUV.

It’s easier to park. Parking can be stressful. Having to deal with parking a big vehicle can make matters even worse! It is generally considered that small cars are easier to park than large cars, especially when it comes to street parking. It is also easier to avoid accidental scratching or damage when trying to fit into a small parking space.

They are just as safe as larger cars. When people talk about their big car, they often say that they like it because it feels so safe. The truth is, a good smaller car is just as safe. These days smaller cars have the same luxuries as bigger cars, with airbags, parking sensors and many more of the latest developments that allow people to feel safe on the road. The days when bigger was better, are officially over.

Smaller cars can be surprisingly spacious. Sure they do not have the capacity of, say, SUV’s, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not spacious enough. Smaller cars have actually got bigger in recent years, which provides a bit more flexibility when you need to put baggage in the trunk or travel with passengers. 

Finding the perfect smaller car should not be a challenge when you book at Firefly Car Rental South Africa. With a wide range and variety of hatchback cars, you will have a blast finding the right one for your trip. You can also select add-ons such as GPS and a baby seat to make your drive even more stress-free.

“At Firefly, our mission is to ensure that our clients reach their destinations in style and comfort. Young families can really benefit from our economy and hatchback range. All of our vehicles are serviced regularly to ensure their reliability and safety.” said Van Tonder.

You can feel free to book your Firefly car by visiting our website at You can also call 0861 600 136 or email Stay up-to-date with all the latest news from Firefly by liking their page on Facebook (@FireflyCarRentalSA), Twitter (@fireflyrentalSA) and Instagram (@fireflycarrental).

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