André Schwartz releases new music video with an unusual concept!

André Schwartz, who has just received a lifetime achievement award at the 2019 annual Ghoema Awards, is one of the most loved entertainers in the South African entertainment industry and with good reason.

This versatile superstar is not only an outstanding vocalist, songwriter, stage performer, actor (Sterlopers7de Laan) and television presenter; but also a successful business man who takes on every challenge in life with great passion and precision.

His latest single, EK SAL WAG, was released earlier this year and is proof that he is a force to be reckoned with. The song started playing on radio stations nationwide only a few days after its release and caused quite a stir within the music community. Now it is going to be the topic of discussion for another reason – the release of a brand new music video that is completely unique and different to what viewers are used to. 

“The song is about having unshakable faith in love and conveys the message that we should be more patient and that if something is truly worthwhile you must be willing to wait for it,” shares André about the meaning behind this song, written by kykNET Afri-Visie winner, Hanmari de Wet. “The concept of the video was my idea. Instead of actors, we decided to use dolls to tell the story. A child is manipulating the situation, much like the universe is guiding us to where we need to be. I am also wearing the same outfit as one of the dolls, and there is a constant shift between the children’s fantasy world and reality.”

Watch the video here:

According to the singer, the video was filmed on his farm by director Christiaan Wolf. He would like listeners to understand the story and be able to relate to the characters, even if they are only dolls, because the theme is so universal. “It would be wonderful if viewers could notice something new every time they watch the video,” he says. 

EK SAL WAG’s music video has a fresh and unique approach and brilliantly showcases André Schwartz’s talent and creativity, as singer and actor, brilliantly.

The song is also available on all digital platforms:



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