True love is the inspiration behind Jauni M’s new single!

Each and every person on earth wants to be loved by someone. Some people search a lifetime for true love and others are lucky enough to find it.               

Jauni M’s brand new single, LIEFDE SOOS DAGBREEK, deals with the kind of love that only comes by once in a lifetime and should be treasured. “It is about true love. A love that is as beautiful as the break of dawn, the singer reveals about the theme behind her latest release. “Daybreak is definitely not always the same, but is beautiful and unique in its own way.” 

LIEFDE SOOS DAGBREEK is an Afrikaans contemporary track written by Emil Struwig, recorded at Manley Recording Studios and produced by Active Music Publishing. It is one of those chillingly beautiful songs that stays with you after hearing it for the first time and that audiences of all ages are able to relate to. “Just like dawn, each love relationship differs from another. To each couple, the love that they share is precious and unique,” she adds.

Jauni M’s latest release follows in the footsteps of her debut solo single, Niemand Anders, a country pop track with a rock vibe that perfectly showcases her unique voice. This upbeat track was written by Zanda Traut and Deon Meiring and was very well received. It not only featured on the charts of various radio stations, but the music video can also be seen on TV.

Both songs were taken from her upcoming debut-album, Niemand Anders, which will be released on 7 June 2019. It boasts thirteen original hits, which ranges from upbeat and easy listening tunes to deeper and more emotional tracks. “This is not an ordinary Afrikaans pop album, but my story told through music. All the songs have emotional depth and special meaning. They are honest and about real things that happened to me or people that I know,” she shares. Sonder Jou, a duet that she released with Deon Meiring, will also be featured on the album.

Jauni M lives in Parys, Free State with her husband and daughter. Her love for music started at a young age, as she was always busy entertaining her family members with song and dance. She has always enjoyed an active and adventurous lifestyle and enjoys any activity that gets her heart rate up. The brunette has been working in the music industry for nearly a decade and has had the privilege of working with big names like Touch of Class’s Ruhan du Toit.

When she is not on stage, she runs a shop called Fish2Feet with a friend in Parys. Over the years, the star has performed at various festivals and functions and shared the stage with numerous artists like Kwaggabees, Roan Ash and more.

This versatile and talented artist hopes that listeners will be able to find themselves in the stories of her music. LIEFDE SOOS DAGBREEK not only promises to be a hit at weddings and dances, but is also set to capture the hearts of music lovers of all ages. The combination of strikingly beautiful lyrics, her soothing voice and an upbeat tune are the perfect ingredients for a hit that is going to remain popular for years to come.

LIEFDE SOOS DAGBREEK is available on all digital platforms.  Get the song here:






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