5 reasons to love your sneakers this winter

May 2019: If you pack your sneakers away at the first sign of a cold front, it might be time to get them back out. Winter is a great time to break out with your new heat and stunt your newest edition of sneakers.

Depending on where you’re based, winter can bring either damp or dust – neither of which are friends of your favourite pair. Founder of Sneaker LAB – one of the world’s first environmentally-friendly sneaker care product that refreshes and restores sneakers and shoes – Jo Farah, gives five ways to keep your kicks in tip-top shape regardless of the inclement weather.

  1. Opt for high tops

Winter’s a great time to add to your collection of shoes. Choose styles that will add to your winter wardrobe: Look for high tops that will keep your feet warm on the coldest day. Avoid canvas and suede, and rather opt for winter warmers with leather and lining.

  1. Up your shade game

Change up your sneaker game by bringing your darker kicks into rotation. We all know white sneakers will get smudged in any weather, but that pair of black sneakers will have your back this winter.

  1. Protection is key

Winter rains? No problem. All your sneakers need is a good layer of protector to ensure they don’t get beat in even the worst weather. And if you forgot to protect them before you stepped in that dirty puddle, there’s Sneaker LAB’s range to help you get them clean. However, you’ll want to leave your suede kicks at home if you’re living in a wetter climate – water will destroy this fabric.

  1. Out with the odors

Damp can make any sneaker start to smell. Head off the heavy fumes by storing your sneaker with newspaper inside and use an odor protector to keep them fresh. Harsh chemicals like bleach and soap break down the fabric’s tensile strength, so opt for a chemical-free cleaning solution.

  1. Don’t sweat the little stuff

Sneakers are meant to be worn, so don’t stress over a small scratch or crease here and there. A bit of wear will give them character. And there’s always Sneaker LAB’s range of leather care products to nourish your kicks and “bring your sneakers back to life”.

Established in 2012, Sneaker LAB created an environmentally friendly biotech driven premium shoe care brand and is the scientific authority on sneaker care. Sneaker LAB is the only sneaker care product range in the world to be Green TAG certified.

The premium shoe care products make use of environmentally friendly biotechnology, function on a molecular level, and continue to work long after application. The products are water-based, readily biodegradable, and the packaging is suitable for recycling.

Sneaker LAB products are available in over 50 countries across all major regions of the globe including Africa, USA, Europe and Asia. Visit sa.sneakerlab.com for more information.

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