Georgorian takes international ticketing and tours

Tickets n Tour, a tourism booking platform, entered the international market by acquiring Special Tours, one of South Africa’s leading local tour websites, on 28 May 2019.

Tickets n Tour look to expand on Special Tour’s existing packages in order to reach a wider audience and promote various South African tours and experiences on a global scale.

With the tourism sector providing employment for approximately 4,5% of South Africa’s workforce and having recently contributed 2,9% to South African (GDP), the sector is primed for growth. Tickets n Tour aim to expand on this growth by showcasing South Africa’s top attractions to international travellers in an innovative way.

Tickets n Tour tells the story of a young startup in Cape Town with a heart to boost South African tourism by offering an innovative and effective booking platform. The platform features listings and information for various activities, adventures and tours through a centralised site, allowing visitors to compare prices, bookmark their favourites and save money.

The acquisition of Special Tours and its integration into the Tickets n Tour platform will see a host of popular South African attractions open up to a wider international audience in an effort to grow and promote South African Tourism.

Comments Matt Davison, Founder of Tickets n Tour, “It is exciting that a small start-up in Cape Town can take on big corporations to grow South African tourism. With a host of exciting and uniquely South African activities available, the hope is that the Special Tours acquisition will highlight the unique culture and vibrancy of South Africa’s history and present, helping South African tourism achieve the same standard as other international destinations.”

For any further details or information, please contact Tickets n Tour at or visit the site at

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