WESSA Eden Newsletter June 2019

Dear Friends of the Environment,

herewith the WESSA Eden Newsletter for June.


In addition to a report on our May outing to Rolbaken Nature Reserve there is information on our 2 June vents:

On Friday 7 June we celebrate Oceans Day at the Fat Fish Restaurant with guest speaker Louw Claassens of the Knysna Basin Project. ( Booking directly 044 874 7803 – space is limited!).

Saturday 15 June – Take a botanical walk in critically endangered Knysna Sand Fynbos in Brenton with CREW Outramps member Nikki van Berkel. Only 10 participants so booking is urgent and essential to Annemarie ONLY!


The Strandloper Project has just ended and here is some information which was too late to include in the Newlsetter:

A link to an article in The Edge:   www.edgenews.co.za/strandloper-expedition-sets-off

And on page 8 of issue 565 www.edgenews.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/issue_565.pdf

you can read “ Strandloper Project takes stock of Fishing Debris in the Southern Cape “.

Strandloper project Hike Report Landmark Foundation May 2019

These are initial statistics received from Mark Dixon :

As you can appreciate we our currently ploughing through the data but here is a summary of some of our findings so far :

  • Monofilament recorded and collected : 128
  • Recreational fishing floats : 29
  • Elastic thread reels : 47
  • Hook, line and sinker : 15
  • Line and hook : 15
  • Fishing marker buoys : 20
  • Rope of down lines on longline setup : 59
  • Bollard rope : 25
  • Crab pots : 60
  • Section of trawl nets : 54
  • Dead bird records : 38
  • Number of bird species : 5
  • Bird entanglements : 4
  • Plastic bottles surveyed averaged 21.1 bottles per 100m of the 210km we hiked.

Collating the Dirty Dozen figures is taking a bit longer, but we will keep you posted.


Mark Dixon,  Strandloper Project,  Project Leader

m : +27 82 213 5931     
e  : ghostfishing@strandloperproject.org  
w : www.strandloperproject.org

And please find attached a report from the Landmark Foundation which took Study House and George High School students to join two stages of the Strandloper Project. 

Enjoy the read!

Regards, Christine

Christine Ridge-Schnaufer
Honorary Secretary
Tel: 044 873 4203 Fax: 086 646 5458
e-mail: wessageorge@isat.co.za

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