Top tips for Excellent Customer Experience

There is no doubt about it, excellent customer service leads to success that is measurable in rands and cents. Despite this fact, many businesses fail to make customer experience a priority.

Prashanti Narainsamy, the lead on Customer Experience at Talksure, a prominent call centre in Umhlanga, is passionate about customer experience. She’s been in the industry for 20 years & her experience spans over the healthcare insurance, financial services, energy and telecommunications industries. She strongly believes that for any business to succeed they must understand the needs of their customers. She adds that excellent customer experience also extends to your internal, organisational experience.

She offers five tips on how you can improve customer service in your business:

  • Have a clear vision

You need to have a clear vision of what you want your customer experience to look like. Take the time to strategize and plan this. Share this with your team, your business. Set it down in terms of principles or guiding policies.

  • On-board your team

Customer satisfaction is expected…Customer loyalty is priceless.  Good customer relationships arise from your culture… not your programs or initiatives. For example, how you treat your employees is a gauge of how you treat your customers. If your people believe your vision, your battle is won.

  • Know your customer

Who are you servicing? Take the time to segment your customer demographics and tailor your service towards them. Understanding your customers will also help you create an emotional connection. Collect data from various touchpoints in your business that customers engage with you. Use this information to recycle back into the business to improve the overall experience.

  • Be honest and transparent in your communications

When customers request more information about your product or have a query, you need to be able to provide factual feedback in simple terms quickly. Customer’s value honest & real-time feedback even if it is not what they want to hear: this will build your credibility.

  • Measure Return on Investment

To understand whether your business is delivering on customer service you need to be able to evaluate it. The best measurement is if your customer becomes a repeat customer. To stand out in the market amongst others selling similar products, you need to give your customer the best possible experience so they keep coming back to you regardless of price.

Why is Talksure successful in their customer experience strategy?

Simply, we put the customer at the core of the business and we design around them, nothing is left to chance. We understand our purpose & that purpose gathers force as staff and customers are attracted by its potential. By our staff sharing that purpose & they passionately communicate that purpose via their action with every touch they have with the client

So why choose us as your BPO of choice….

  1. We are experts are what we do
  2. We have the technology and infrastructure and most importantly the skill
  3. You can focus on your core skill and let us do what we great at…

“The key to creating a great customer experience lies in doing what they want before them having to ask…” Prashanti concludes.

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