Protect Your Rights with Cape Town’s Leading Trademark Law Firm

Suzaan Laing Law Inc. is a boutique trademark law firm that focuses on building deep and trustworthy relationships with their clients and protecting their rights.

Suzaan Laing, the founder, has always strived to maintain the highest quality of work by offering reliable services to her clients. Her practice is centred around the management of trademark risks by providing the necessary guidance and solutions.

Practice Areas of Suzaan Laing Law Inc.

As a trademark lawyer with more than 23 years of experience, Suzaan has earned her expertise in trademark litigations, while offering a wide range of IP law services at the same time. Some of her areas of expertise include the following:

1. Trademarks – The firm provides comprehensive trademark services, starting right from the registering of the trademark, to its protection and litigations. They aid with trademark applications as well as advice on what brand components need to be protected. The firm helps their clients select the best ownership strategies and help with the renewal of trademark registrations too. In the case of any infringements, they will help you claim royalties or injunction damages.

2. IP Diligence – You can avail complete support for protecting your Intellectual Property rights with Suzaan Laing Inc. She identifies IP rights as valuable business assets and guides businesses in drafting a strong IP strategy and maintains their IP portfolio to maximise protection. In the event of acquisitions, mergers, sales or franchising, the firm will perform due diligence to ensure that you get the appropriate value for your rights. In case of any infringement, they also conduct IP litigations, a field that the firm specialises in.

3. Copyrights – With the aim of protecting the rights of their clients, Suzaan Laing law Inc. offers copyright services too. They aid clients with copyright registration, filing applications if necessary and maintain a cost-effective process. Additionally, the firm provides guidance on best practice and represent infringements claims for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Apart from these three key areas, Suzaan Laing Law Inc. also practices advertising law and geographical indications (GI) law. To learn more about the firm, please visit her official website:

About Suzaan Laing Law Inc:

Suzaan Laing established Suzaan Laing Law Inc. in 2019, with more than 23 years of experience as a trademark practitioner and notary public officer. Being both a South African and an American attorney, she offers her services in both South Africa and the USA. Achieving a rank as one of the worlds leading trademark professionals from 2012 to 2017 (WTR 1000). She is also a member of various renowned law societies and bar associations like The Cape Law Society, Louisiana Bar, International Trademark Association to name a few.

501 La Montagne Estate, 35b Marmion Road
Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)66 027 2453

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