A sustainable recycling project

The trend of the conscious consumer is still on the rise, and thus more and more we’re seeing businesses led by the values of ethical business practices and sustainability.

Beetroot Inc. is one of these. It’s a business that’s all about people.

The company’s origins lie in the need for business in South Africa to positively contribute to the employment crisis – to create jobs and to support the country’s budding entrepreneurs, from artists to housewives and other smaller manufacturers. Its ethos is about considering the individuality, experiences, dreams and creativity of its workers and customers.

As part of the company’s job creation effort – and in line with its commitment to eco-friendly product development – Beetroot Inc. have embarked on the reconstruction of fabrics from off-cuts. These off-cuts are by-products of furniture and floor cushion production at the Beetroot Inc. factory. Off-cuts are then given to unemployed people that recycle them into beautiful patchwork fabrics and the crafters are paid for their production time and effort. The fabrics can be used on a number of items and as a result, textile pollution is limited.

These are but a few examples of how these stunningly crafted textile panels are used in Beetroot Inc. furniture and accessory production:

Visit your closest Beetroot Inc. store in Gauteng and the Western Cape to see what’s on offer or visit www.beetrootinc.co.za.

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