Poetry in McGregor Festival 23 to 25 August 2019

23 – 25 August 2019

OUR THEME: The Heart of the Moon 

Caritas Library at Temenos is one of the venues for this year`s poetry festival – credit Dani`s Photos for use of image

The Poetry in McGregor Festival, now in its seventh year, has become one of the most popular poetry festivals on the continent. Last year over two hundred poets arrived in the picturesque village to once again celebrate their art and to enjoy a remarkably happy gathering for lovers of the written word. Poetry in McGregor is now renowned for its warm-hearted and intimate atmosphere and for the unique way in which the village lends itself to a relaxed and memorable experience.

To celebrate the cycle of seven years, our theme this year is “The Heart of the Moon.” The first pioneering years of the festival were exemplified by Sun energy, the bold and active force essential to turning a vision into reality. Now, with the moon as a symbol, our festival organisers are intent on deepening the very special intimacy our festival offers. This annual gathering is not only an opportunity to listen to and appreciate a wide range of poetic voices, but also an occasion to relax and enjoy one another’s company in an informal, unhurried atmosphere. After all, it is in such a warm-hearted celebration that lovers of poetry can commit themselves to a shared passion of nurturing and promoting the art of poetry.

This weekend celebration of poetry includes readings, workshops, music and poetry, open mic opportunities and lots of time for poets and friends of poetry from across the country to get acquainted. It is our passionate intention and endeavour to help grow and sustain a community of poets and poetry enthusiasts in the poetic and magical setting that is McGregor.

Among the many events on this year’s programme are:

Poets on their Favourite Poems with Joan Hambidge, Michelé Betty, Sally Ann Murray and Brian Walter;      Eros by Bernard Levinson, presented by Malcolm Gooding and Quinne Brown; Poetry and Jazz with Douglas Reid Skinner and Christopher Culpo; Being Human – John Maytham introduced by scriptwriter, Finuala Dowling; The Moon – Luna Paige; Proefiet van Adam Smal,djy – Willem Fransman Jr; Black Thoughts Revisited – Rev Micahel Weeder, Thokozile Madonkop, Zane Dangor and Makhanda Senzagakhhona; Readings by  Kobus Moolman, Sindiwe Magona, Phillipa Namutebi, Toast Coetzer, Erns Grundling, Dan Wylie, Pieter Odendaal, Dominque Enthoven, Lerato Sibanda, Hugh Hodge, Julia Kramer, Andries Walter Olifant and many more.

The Heart of the Moon.

Among a wide range of readings and poetry concerts, several of our visiting poets will be presenting readings based on this year’s theme:

The Moon’s a Balloon – The Pleached Poetry Group (Annette Snykers, Alice Sarembrock and Lise Day Newham) The Moon Within, The Moon Without with Dorian Haarhoff, Marguerite Van der Merwe, Peter Fox and Gerald Steward; Moon Poems – Heidi van Rooyen; Moonlighters with Margaret Clough, Geoffrey Haresnape, Adré Marshall and Stephanie Saunders; Full Moon, Dark Sky – Archie Swanson and Jacques Coetzee; Reik vir die Maan – The Mengelmoes Digters (Diana Ferrus, Merle Danhouse, Gaireyah Fredericks, Jackie Saaiman); The Moon –Luna Paige; Mettie Maan gepla  – Jadrick Pedro, Duane Miller, Gaireyah Fredericks, The Mengelmoes Digters; Finger Pointing at the Moon – Dawn Garisch, Karin Schimke and Liesl Jobson; Knocking on the Moonlit Door – Patricia Schonstein; The Gathering Moon with Sally Argent, Bob Commin, Cornelia Rohde and Elizabeth Trew; The Heart of the Harvest Moon / Oesmaanhart – Sandra Hill and Ilse Olkers; The Heart of the Moon – Thandi Sliepen. 

To view our exciting full programme visit www.poetryinmcgregor.co.za

Accommodation: https://poetryinmcgregor.co.za/2019-where-to-stay-and-eat/

Tickets open at Computicket in late July.

PHOTO attached: Caritas Library at Temenos is one of the venues for this year`s poetry festival – credit Dani`s Photos for use of image.

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