Multilingual duet reminds listeners of God’s love and grace!

When a group of creative souls in the spiritual community come together to collectively make music about rest, restoration and reconciliation, one cannot help but to expect inspiring results.

This initiative not only gave birth to an exceptional project like VIBRANCY – A COLLECTIVE OF CREATIVES, but also led to the creation of songs like NGIZOKUPHUMUZA (I WILL GIVE YOU REST), which not only unites various languages and cultures, but also shares the promise of God’s unfaltering love with the world.  

The single is the fifth release in the ONE-series and was written by In Harmonie’s experience designer, Andriëtte de la Harpe, in association with Simangele Mashazi, Thami James and Karien de Waal. Andriëtte and Sima are also responsible for the beautiful vocals behind this soulful track. It was written in a way that is very accessible and congregational to sing.  

We all have busy lives and often get tired. We constantly need to be reminded that God calls us into his rest, so we can realise that we are safe, we are loved and we can let our defences down.  This song was created as a reminder of God’s everlasting love and the peace that comes from knowing this in your heart and soul. 

“We wanted to write a song about rest. We spoke about how we wanted to communicate this theme, in the most simplistic way. If you are going to sing a song about rest, you shouldn’t be striving through it, and we feel this song captures it well. Writing a song in Afrikaans and Zulu created a very interesting dynamic, given the history of our country. This song pushes into that tension, with the contrast of a lullaby. There is such a beauty in trusting the Lord to communicate his heart through these two diverse languages,” says Thami James. “We feel that even though the style of the song is built on a lullaby, singing about rest, it has a very powerful message, where we pray and hope for moments of reconciliation between these two cultures.” 

Click here to watch the song story for NGIZOKUPHUMUZA (I WILL GIVE YOU REST): 

NGIZOKUPHUMUZA (I WILL GIVE YOU REST) can be downloaded with the rest of the album at


  1. Planted (feat. Lebohang Kgapola and Rashid Adams)
  2. Be Glorified (feat. Sima Mashazi)
  3. Ngizokuphumuza (I will give you rest) (feat. Sima Mashazi and Andriëtte de la Harpe)
  4. Tot Stilstand (feat. Carlyn Ganz and Gideon Nel)
  5. Least of These (Vuka / Arise) (feat. Lebohang Kgapola)
  6. In just one moment (feat. Mégan Schilder)
  7. One (feat. Lesego Senwamadi and CJAY)



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