Namaqua Daisy Challenge – the outdoor challenge of the year

Are you ready for one of the best outdoor challenges of the year? The Namaqua Daisy Challenge, that takes place on Saturday, 10 and Sunday, 11 August at Die Keldery in Vredendal, promises to be one of the most exciting events of the year with various different stages consisting of several extreme and more moderate routes.

This mountain biking and trail running event consist of routes along which participants can see the fields of wildflowers that are blooming. Whether you are taking part in the Xtreme Challenges, the 1-day Challenges or the Colour Fun Run & Ride, you will be accompanied on your race with millions of wildflowers.

During the months of August and September, Namaqualand and the surrounding areas are transformed from a mostly barren landscape into a sea of colours. Just a few raindrops are enough for the most beautiful and diverse flower and plant species to blossom. There are many different ways to view this natural phenomenon, but the Namaqua Daisy Challenge is the best.

“This year’s Daisy Challenge promises to be exciting, challenging and a lot of fun. What makes this event so special is the beautiful region it takes place in and the wildflowers that runners and cyclists will see when completing their routes,” says Reinier van Greunen, chairman of the Namaqua Daisy Challenge.

The MTB Xtreme Challenge has three stages – the technical stage (55 km), a night ride (15 km)  and lastly a gravel stage (95 km). The Xtreme Trail Run Challenge starts off with a 27 km trail run, thereafter follows a 5 km night run and then a 15 km route toward the finish line. Like previous years, runners or cyclists can take part in the 1-day races on Sunday, 11 August. The trail run races consist of 15 km and 27 km routes. If you prefer mountain biking, register for the 15 km (new route), 27 km or 45 km MTB routes. This year there will also be an e-bike category at the Daisy Challenge.

For more about the Namaqua Daisy Challenge, the routes and the regulations, visit their website at Visit their Facebook page at namaquadaisy or follow them on Instagram at namaquadaisychallenge.

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