Vibrancy Project releases final single to radio!

IN JUST ONE MOMENT is not only the last song on the inspirational VIBRANCY – A COLLECTIVE OF CREATIVES album, One, but is also the last official weekly release in the launch of the awareness campaign around this project that was the result of a songwriter’s retreat that took place at Harmonie in 2018.

“I found myself writing this song at the end of a very long season of my life,” explains the singer and writer of the single – Mégan Schilder. “At the Song Writing Retreat at in Harmonie, I remember Rita Springer encouraging us to pair of and write songs together. I remember feeling that I didn’t have anything to offer and that I wasn’t able to contribute anything authentically. I went off by myself, and found myself lying down on the ground, talking and even screaming to God, singing anything that came to mind.”

According to her she felt very vulnerable at the time, because it felt like she was staring disbelief in the face, but still had to say that God is good. At that point she wasn’t even sure if she could trust Him. In just one moment, through the pure grace of God, she found the courage to call Him fascinating. That is what this very honest song is about. “My hope for this song is that everyone will know that in just one moment my heart has known, that my brother is a masterpiece and my friend a work of art,” she says.

Click here to watch the song story for IN JUST ONE MOMENT and to experience the greatness of God’s grace: 

Although the first leg of the official marketing campaign for this great project is coming to an end this week, the release of this song also marks the beginning of a brand new initiative to celebrate our beautiful Rainbow Nation.

Organisers would like to call upon the public to start appreciating the diversity in our country with an #InHarmonieMoment: A moment in which you celebrate another human being, by making a sincere effort to gain a better understanding of who they are.

Become part of this great movement this August by truly showing interest in someone else by asking them these questions and taking the time to listen without judging:

Question 1: What is your life all about?

Question 2: How do you add value to other people’s lives? Give an example.

Question 3: How do you experience and handle your pain?

Question 4: What do you dream about?

Question 5: Who do you follow? Who follows you?

Question 6: How and with whom are you making the world a better place?

Question 7: What do you need to overcome or conquer to live your best life?

By being part of this initiative you will not only have the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life, but also to learn to have more compassion and understanding for others. 

One, the complete album of the VIBRANCY – A COLLECTIVE OF CREATIVES project can be downloaded here:


  1. Planted (feat. Lebohang Kgapola and Rashid Adams)
  2. Be Glorified (feat. Sima Mashazi)
  3. Ngizokuphumuza (I will give you rest) (feat. Sima Mashazi and Andriëtte de la Harpe)
  4. Tot Stilstand (feat. Carlyn Ganz and Gideon Nel)
  5. Least of These (Vuka / Arise) (feat. Lebohang Kgapola)
  6. In just one moment (feat. Mégan Schilder)
  7. One (feat. Lesego Senwamadi and CJAY)



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